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Monday, August 12, 2013

Did you know...

...that we have an Ambassador to the United Nations who in 2003 publicly advocated "...giving up a pinch of sovereignty..." to the UN?

I didn't.

Here's the link to CDP.


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  1. There are still some folks who are unaware of this. Leftist cracks coming from the facial cesspool of the Obama U.N. ambassador are not surprising , considering her loving hubby is the former Regulation " CZAR ! " Cass Sunstein. This intellectual giant made such brilliant remarks as " animals should be allowed to sue hunters " ( ? did he intend to call on Dr. Doolittle for testimony ? ) . or this bit of genius " we should be allowed to TAX dissenting opinion ". Mr. Sunstein is now in the employ of New England's leftist academia. Reassuring to know that AmeriKa's developing gray matter has such genius to rely on .


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