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Friday, August 2, 2013

CQB SitRep

HK and I are currently in the great state of Alabama, prepped for class tomorrow and Sunday. 

In about two weeks, we'll be in Ft. Lauderdale.  On our way out to Idaho, we'll stop for a class in Michigan.  In early October we'll be at Brock's Fall PatCon in North Carolina.  In all cases we are eager to meet as many Patriots as possible so we can all help take this process of Restoring Liberty to the next level.  Meeting one another, shaking hands, training, breaking bread - I have not yet found a better bonding and building medium than being face-to-face.

Just a heads-up: After the Citadel PatCon I will be raising the price of the CQB class.  Anyone who books a class prior to then will get the current pricing.  So if you or your Team have been considering a class, let's get you on the books.  (For the class to be held at Brock's PatCon in October the current pricing remains in effect, and remember 1/2 goes to help Brock continue to host his events, which have already become "Must-Attend" meet-ups for Patriots)

Remember why we train - so we can be in the best position possible to defend and protect who we love and what we love.

Self Defense is the ultimate "Moral High Ground".

Being able to hand out some "Self Defense"...



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