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Monday, August 5, 2013

Real News versus Sparklies

There are many, many Sparklies swirling in the media world today and recently.

This one is real news, because it is confirmation of what many of us already know - the system is diseased and corrupt.  Rule of Law is Dead.  This one is tangible, it proves the hypothesis.

The Rule of Law is DEAD.

That means EVERYTHING we Patriots hold dear in Principle is DEAD.

Accept it.  Use it for the evidence that it is, and allow it to inform your other suspicions.

Let it seethe in your heart that it is now Doctrine of those in power to ignore, to blatantly circumvent, your Natural and Constitutional Rights.  Let it burn.  When someone dismisses the concept that the republic has devolved into a state that Jefferson, indeed, even probably Hamilton, would articulate as Tyranny, write that person off as a Lost Soul.

Invest your energy to save those who can be saved.  The fires headed into our lives at full speed will be fueled by many, many Lost and Diseased Souls.  Do not die trying to save those who have invited the fire into their midst.  Do not die for someone who doesn't matter.

It is time to give yourself permission to do the Hard Things that will be required to restore Liberty, indeed, even to survive.

Here's the link.

By the way, here's something for you to ponder regarding this "News Story".  Is it the result of "Hard news journalism uncovering secrets..." or, my conclusion, simply dropping the optics via the "cover" of a news story, spoon-fed to Useful Idiots...  (Like we haven't seen THAT ONE before...can we say GunWalker?)

Oh, an example of the "Sparklies" currently flying?  Just look at the "Terror Threat" now capturing headlines.  If you can't see the Sparklies in there, such as the justification for NSA actions as well as the imminent uptick in Police State personal invasions (because of "...surgically-implanted devices that can beat our current means of detection..." - then I can't help you.  Buy some flame-retardant footie pajamas...


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