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Monday, August 5, 2013

Alabama CQB & the value of patience...

The beautiful Leatherman above is a gift from a fine Patriot and fellow-tradesman I met recently in Alabama.  The entire group of Patriots HK and I had the honor of meeting was wonderful, made of the stuff I like to think was once common in this country.  If our country were once again populated by a majority like those we met in Alabama, the republic would be safe.

Our host and hostess took care of us, provided an excellent training venue, a fine group of people with whom to train, a great southern meal for dinner, all topped off with good conversations with real Americans.  And our host and hostess introduced my wife to the splendor that is homemade ice cream!  Here is a review of the Alabama class offered by our host.

For those who may think America is already dead and beyond hope - we are not there yet.  We have pockets of serious, honorable, loyal American Patriots today sprinkled across the country.  Holly and I know this, because from Illinois to California, to Colorado and Ohio and West Virginia, we have met them, trained with them, broken bread with them.  The republic can be rescued from the Evils that challenge Her today.  We still have a chance.

Each class HK and I train with gives me far more than I leave behind.  I am always given the gift of new thoughts, new possibilities, from each class.  I do not "give" at class, I simply share a bit of my experience.  Nothing more.  Training never ends.  While I may be "teaching" at class, I am always refining my own technique (this is a life-long pursuit), and I am always learning from the people who become part of my life.  That is a true gift.

"When?  Where?  How do we do it?  Is it time to head to the Green?" These are all valid questions, and I hear them everywhere.  I also hear from people who have good ideas for remedies.

Patriots who have taken the III CQB class will be able to visualize this concept, from techniques taught: Patience and timing are essential if Liberty is to prevail in the coming fight.  If we move too soon, before allowing the proper essential elements to develop, we will miss our opportunity.  If we wait too long, we will miss our window of opportunity as well.  We must time our actions properly, and fit the actions to the circumstances.

Consider the lapel-grab I teach, in which the person being attacked ducks under the arm of the attacker and steps behind, cranking the attacker's arm high behind his own back.  If you wait too long, the attacker will grab you and have the chance to deliver a powerful punch.  If you move too soon, before he actually has a chance to grasp your lapel, you also miss the opportunity - because for this technique to work, you must let him get a handful of your shirt before you can execute effectively.  You must wait.  You must let it evolve. 

You must be brave enough to stand there and let him put his hands on you. 

Then, only then, can this work.

It is the same with Restoration. 

We must move smart, when the time is right, in a manner that is appropriate.  Not too soon, not too late.  Not too rough, not too gentle.  2A is not the sole solution to our current problems.  The soapbox of 1A alone is not the solution.  The voting booth alone will never evict the predators and tyrants and garbage currently in office.  But just as none of these remedies will succeed alone, no real Restoration can be realized unless we incorporate all three (and more) facets and principles of our Founding.  It was not violence alone that won Liberty the first time, and it won't work that way this time. 

The good thing about the techniques needed to effect Restoration: The enemy has already placed his hands upon us all.  The Enemy has violated our Rightful Liberty, time and time again, relentlessly, and they continue without shame.  We have the moral Right now to act in self defense and defense of our country.

The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people. This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments and affections of the people was the real American Revolution. - John Adams

We are not waiting to go to work.  If you are reading this blog, you are already working on Restoration, you are already a counter-revolutionary - you are Awake.  You are making your voice heard or training or prepping or networking and building Tribe, or otherwise doing the work that must be done before one can be ready for all of the challenges that will be unleashed once America reaches that imminent moment when violence erupts. 

Violence will erupt.  It must.  Either a Patriot(s) someplace will reach his personal limit and leave the porch, or the realities of our economic situation will lead to FSA riots as their EBT cards stop buying FS and their FSA phones stop ringing.

One way or another, violence is imminent, because Evil people with Evil intent have taken the decision that violence is in their interests to unleash.  You may have no interest in violence - but that doesn't mean Violence won't come looking for you.

Be prepared.

You have been warned.  You have been warned by me, which you may dismiss as rhetoric or self-interest or anything you wish.  But you have also seen the actions of the tyrants with your own eyes.

Now you must choose your path.  You must decide if you will stand tall or bend knee, or turn a blind eye.  You must give yourself permission for the Hard Things - or not.  You must decide your course.  Just remember, in your choices may lie the fate of Liberty on Earth.

Here are parts two and three of the video I posted over the weekend.

Train, Patriots. 

Choose to live free or die.

...and don't just say it.  Mean it.  Do it.

This is your life.  Let no man put his hands upon you - at least not for free...


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