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Monday, August 5, 2013

PatCom Updates: Idaho & North Carolina

Idaho: Holly has secured porta-johns for our get-together in Idaho.  That's it, no more creature comforts unless you bring them for yourself.  ;)  For those of you who have already signed up for the CQB classes over the weekend, thank you!  I'll get to work on a weekend itinerary sooner or later - but don't expect too much structure.  We'll get together, train, break bread, and see where things go from there.

North Carolina:  Brock's PatCon is already shaping up to be another packed event.  I'll link his latest update at the end of the post.  You'll notice a great line-up of speakers (except for me ;) as well as training opportunities and all the great benefits that come simply from having a group of real Patriots together for a few days to meet, greet, break bread and work out the details of reclaiming Liberty from the jaws of the Tyrants amongst us who mean to be our Masters.

Brock has very kindly offered me the opportunity to speak at his event.  I'm not much of a public speaker, but I'll give it a whirl.  In an effort to keep up with the other people Brock has lined up to speak, I'm going to ask you for input regarding a topic.  Whether you intend to be there or not, what topic would you suggest?  Something general?  Specific?  Citadel?  A "Kerodin" position you'd like me to expand upon?  Anything I have written that needs more flesh on the bones?  I'm not much for current events, as you all know.  I consider most of what we read in the "Media" to be part of a script, bits and pieces the Wizard(s) wants us to see, when he wants us to see them.  But I am open for all suggestions.  Feel free to email if you'd prefer to stay off the blog.

Regarding the CQB class to be taught at Brock's: I am going to speed up the typical course and work in the GroundFighting course - so be ready to work if you sign up.  The pace will remain comfortable even for our older, less-in-shape Patriots, so don't worry - I won't be stroking anyone out.  But rain or shine we will learn how to break anyone who would dare put his hands on you, and how to fight to your weapon in dire circumstances. 

This is not a "martial arts" course.  I have chosen techniques deliberately that work regardless of age, sex, strength, size, physical condition.  Not every technique will work for every person in every circumstance, but most will work for most people in most circumstances.  My tiny wife is able to execute the techniques in the curriculum - you will be able to do the same.  She will also be there for any of our Patriot ladies who may be hesitant.  Wives: You will learn how to put hubby in a corner, folded neatly into a box.  A small box.  ;)

Anyone who intends to sign up for the CQB course - feel free to use the PayPal button I set up on the right column, or just send Brock the payment when you pay his registration fee. 

Whether you sign up for the CQB class or not, attending the NC PatCon is an event you really should try to make.  Good, smart people will be in attendance, and Brock is a gracious host.

Let me know if you have a topic you think I should consider for the Saturday schedule.

Here's the link to Brock's latest update.



  1. I know you probably have had time to think about the Idaho PatCom...Is it going to be structured like Brocks or you just having a meet and greet...Are we doing any raffles and are you selling any III gear...I can supply a few things for the raffle if you are doing any and I can bring some barrels of water if needed but need a heads up to start putting stuff together...If you want I can supply the meat for a grill out one night if everyone wants to bring a side dish..Email me or reply to my comment to let me know what your thinking...

  2. Haven't had time don't know why it changed it...

  3. " Holly has secured porta-johns for our get-together in Idaho."

    Ha! I surely would not want to be the dude who has to haul those honey pots down that mountain road...or be behind or in front of him....
    Miss Violet

    1. I thought you volunteered for the job, Teresa......?:)

  4. Dear Brock, Knowing that I will be in your neck of the woods next month, you are a brave man. ;)
    Miss Violet


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