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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Do you still care what "Liberals" think?

Many of my columns get picked up by "Before it's news".

A reader named Drew commented and took me to task for using the phrase "Bust a cap" and "Breaking necks", because he worries the Liberals will have more ammunition against us with such language.  I added my 2 cents at the site, and I was genuinely trying to convey my point without being an ass - though that's hard for me.  ;)

Let me ask you - do any of you hold your tongues any more because of what "The Left" may be able to make of your comments?

Here's the link: Before it's News

Please let me know if you think I speak too harshly.  No - you won't change my mind, but I do like to know what you think.  For the record, my position is "Fugg'em - they are lucky I'm still talking at all.  When I stop talking..."



  1. They can't handle the truth. More people need to say it like it is.

  2. They said I never hardly talked until I was around 8 years old, then I was never good at holding my tongue, got me in trouble a few times. Now Instead of boiling I am just simmering , with my hand on the controls, but my hand is getting tired.
    I do not think you are to harsh on how you speak, comment. You seem to have a steady hand on the controls.

  3. Modern America: Focus on the style; maybe nobody will notice the substance. Hey, it took a guy all the way to the White House...twice.

  4. Agreed don't change the way you speak or write.
    The Left has already forsaken their own credibility. Nothing we can say changes anything. If the left isn't "given" ammunition by us, they'll simply fabricate it anyway.


  5. Our world is divided into Patriots (to include proto-Patriots), Anti-Patriots (Statists) and the Undecided/No Opinion.

    We both need and want the Undecideds to join with us, so scaling it back a bit so that a potential ally doesn't get turned off might be something you want to think about. Rightful Liberty is the destination (as you well know), and it's a process that starts with someone looking around an finally noticing just how screwed up this country is. Alienating a newbie doesn't serve us or Liberty.

    As for actual Liberals? As you just said, fuggem. They spare no effort to demonize us, and letting them know that they too have a target on their backs (not to mention that we possess the means to hit that target) is perfectly fine.

  6. Grown-ups should be able to parse rhetoric without getting the vapors. I nod off when the verbiage gets dull - so SHANK em!

  7. Goblins are in Miss Violet's machine. Here's here comment:

    For whatever reason I can't post on your blog. I swear someone is in my computer. Here's my comment.

    You speak plain and to the point. Some, might think it's harsh, I'm sure they followed the playground rules. ;)
    I appreciate it though and I always have. It makes me sit up and think. But then, what can you expect from someone who shares your Heads On A Pike Theory. ;)
    Miss Violet

  8. Do you speak too harshly? hell no, you call it as you see it.

  9. No. I don't give a damn what they think about my words.
    Speak the truth, fuggem if it makes them cry.

  10. Fuck 'em. Harsh words are the only words they understand.
    We tried being nice and they didn't listen.

  11. "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for." – Howard Dean.

    You are the enemy.
    You are not benevolent.
    Your first goal is to disarm us.
    Your second goal is to eliminate privacy.
    Your third goal is to criminalize our opinions.
    You want power for yourselves, and nothing else.
    You believe yourselves entitled to rule us absolutely.
    You routinely wish for the deaths of conservative figures.
    You would have us forcibly “re-educated,” if you could pull it off.
    You are trying to destroy all remaining restraints on the federal government.
    You’re doing everything you can to criminalize disagreement with your agenda.
    You accuse your political opponents of every foul crime and motivation in the book.
    And you do it with a contemptuous smirk that says “You can’t stop us no matter what you do.”
    I tried to grant you the presumption of integrity.
    I can’t. You’ve forfeited all claim to decency or benign purpose.

    The only difference between you and the Communists of North Korea is your skin tone.

    From here to the end of my life, I will do all in my power to have you seen for what you really are.
    Not decent people with different opinions about what’s best, or what means are acceptable.
    Not persons agonized over America’s residuum of violence, or poverty, or racism.
    Not neighbors peacefully willing to agree to disagree with other Americans.
    You are none of those things.
    You are the enemy.
    You are villains.

    If you dislike that, take it up with your fellow “Democrats.”
    I will have no more of you.


    Liberals are the enemy. Blacks are their (possessive, I know, but do they?) front line soldiers, (pawns). Any questions?

    Finally, HERE'S your opportunity to use the Communist (Leon Trotsky) coined "racist" or other collectivist label for me & my tribe.

    PS, any whites murdered/raped by blacks today? I'm betting yes. The inverse? Not.

    1. Lex, here's a story from Blue's place.


  12. Flame on! There is nothing better than taking them to task and pointing out their willing stupidity and/or wanton deciet.

  13. Sam et all; We are obliged to speak the truth, and to do so in the most effective manner available to us. “With reasonable men, I will reason; with humane men I will plead; but to tyrants I will give no quarter, nor waste arguments where they will certainly be lost.” --William Lloyd Garrison.
    With tyrants and proto-tyrants, we are obliged to be forceful - first in words, and then in actions, because force is the only language which they understand. Their lack of reason and compassion is their failing, not ours; but to us falls the duty to *make them understand*. If the only verbal means of fulfilling that duty is to offend them and cause them to fear, then so be it; for if we fail in every other respect, then we shall be obliged to take arms unto their utter destruction. This simple fact must be our constant message to them - RELENT OR PERISH.

  14. Part of the teaching process may well involve a verbal "slap" to an ingrained belief system and the use of a phrase like "bust a cap" may be more jarring than "discharge a round". It may well help get your point across. The thought that we need to exercise caution in what words we speak is a direct effect of the political correctness movement that has swept the country.

    As to your use of "bust a cap or snap a neck"? The phrasing blended well enough with your overall statement that I actually had to go back and look for them again.



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