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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gun Trusts

Anyone have direct experience with Gun Trusts?

Are they good for non-NFA firearms?

Administration's latest anti2A move, here.



  1. Yes, but technically no, the trustee has to to fill out a 4473, run through The background check like normal and then the trust can have SA weapon.

    The proposed law is something the ATF has been proposing for a while. It forces the trustees to have a background check ran on them (speaking of NFA items). Currently, an individual NFA purchase requires; application/background check, two hundred dollar tax stamp, Chief LEO signature (the fingerprint card submission was deleted last September, I believe). The benefit of establishing a trust and having NFA items listed as property owned by the trust does away with the CLEO signature (one of the main reasons people go the trust route) and it also makes estate planning a little easier, and offers some shelter against "personal" lawsuits, etc.

    The proposed law is completely redundant in that a felon cannot possess a firearm. It is just about more control which facilitates easier registration, and in turn confiscation. Then, it eventually ends with the extermination of opposition.

    This is how unarmed people have been treated in recent history (you may have to copy and paste in your browser).


    What makes us different? RESIST!

  2. "It is just about more control which facilitates easier registration, and in turn confiscation. Then, it eventually ends with the extermination of opposition."

    Well put. I always wondered why some people don't get this. I mean, what other possible purpose COULD it have?

    "Registration IS confiscation, separated only by a period of time." And there's only one possible reason someone would want to confiscate someone else's weapon, duh.

  3. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/08/29/obama-announces-new-gun-control-measures-targets-military-surplus-imports/

    Executive Order.


  4. The "national" pro-gun organizations are missing a perfect opportunity to turn this around on the administration and expose them for what they really are. These measures do not affect "gun crimes" on the "street". This only punishes collectors of military/surplus, unusual, oddities, guns over fifty years old, etc., and NFA items (I believe only two crimes have ever been committed in this country where "registered" machineguns were used and both of those by off duty LEO to murder). This proposal shows the true colors and intent of the totalitarian/socialist regime and that is to disarm lawful citizens and limit access to weapons they consider to be threatening to their ideology and goals. People who possess a C&R license have already gone through extensive background investigations. The BATFE has a registry of all NFA weapons (suppressors, machineguns, destructive devices and "any other weapon"). The guns our government "misplaced" in the "Fast and Furious"/colossal goat mating have killed far more people than all of the NFA weapons registered since 1934. These measures will not impact the firearms being used to kill innocents in the streets of America. Come to think of it a firearm never killed anyone by itself. Should .gov succeed in their design of rounding up firearms, what is next? Curious old relics of people from a bygone era that knew the meaning of Liberty and what it was like to be free. Or maybe it could be folks who have skills and knowledge to kill? Where does it stop?


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