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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Does your woman carry? Has she given herself permission to kill?

You have been building your rifle, pistol and CQB skills.  You have been working on situational awareness and preps and E&E methodology.

Where are your women in their skillets?  Your wife is not with you 24/7.  Your daughters may be at college, or working their own jobs and running with friends at night.  It doesn't matter if you live in the boonies where everyone knows everyone, or you live in a suburb or city.  The world is ugly, and getting worse as evil people deliberately stoke the fires of racial violence.

In North Pittsburgh a group of four black women threw a bottle at a passing car.  The woman driving got out to confront them, and earned a beatdown.  She was lucky to live.

If you love your women, arm them.  Teach them to fight to their weapon.  Teach them situational awareness and teach them when to confront, and when to flee.

Most importantly, help them work through the mental gymnastics of giving herself permission to bust a cap or snap a neck if she is attacked.

If you hesitate to do so, take a moment and consider how you will feel and how your life will change if the mother of your children is beaten to death, or your daughter in college is raped and killed.  Girls are not taught to defend themselves in American culture.  Fix that in your home.

Here's the Pittsburgh piece.



  1. If you love your women & daughters, have them read John Derbyshire's "The Talk: Nonblack Version" http://takimag.com/article/the_talk_nonblack_version_john_derbyshire/print#axzz2dNJpBPIJ
    also known as the "Rules for Racial Engagement" and some follow up work:


    The woman in Pittsburgh violated rule #10(a), 10(i),

  2. Lex thank you so much for sharing the talk. I have been looking for a way to explain this to my wife and children in a way that they would understand.


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