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Friday, August 9, 2013

Feinstein angling for new defacto Sedition Act

You are not a "real Journalist" unless you draw a salary and have some sort of "professional qualifications" - a distinction she is trying to push to separate "Journalism" from "Free Speech".

We did this already, a long, long time ago.  It was called the Alien & Sedition Acts.

It prompted the Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions penned by Jefferson and Madison.

You want to start a war in America, this is a good way to get it done.

It will not be a war like the Revolution.

It'll be a purge.  It'll be a Reign of Terror.  It'll be a cleansing of the parasites.

I don't make the rules, I simply observe and understand Human Nature and the circumstances currently in play.

Here's the link.

Use this information as you will.  If you can't see that this woman and every single one of her allies are wannabe Tyrants and Enemies of Liberty, I can't help you.

They do not deserve to live here, anymore.



  1. Plus, she is the MAIN person in the way of the Central Valley of California not getting its allotment of water so we can grow FOOD to feed all the free loaders in this state.

  2. Time to name name's and kick some ass!

  3. Bill Nye has done more real journalism in the past 2 weeks than CBS has done in ten years. Throw in ABC/NBC/CNN as well.
    Lewis III

  4. "The changes will require that journalists involved in “ordinary news-gathering activities” cannot be served with a warrant connected to their own investigative work unless the journalist in question is the subject of a criminal investigation."


    How difficult will it be to "create" a criminal investigation, if that is what is required? Gotta be in compliance with the Rule of Law, ya know...

    The world has gone mad, Sam.

  5. Feinstein is in the way of nothing. One's fellow citizens of Kaleefornyia are the one's responsible for this bitch, along with Boxer, Pelosi and that geek Waxman.

    Look at your fellow Amerikans in Kaleefornyia. They are the ones screwing you/me/us.


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