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Friday, August 9, 2013

Bankruptcy for Detroit...

...may lead to responsible Citizens.

The story is simple: Girl is raped, LEO is under-staffed and unmotivated - they drag their feet on all aspects of the case.  The community gets fed-up with the delays, a few grab baseball bats and go to work on the accused - who goes to the hospital.

It is called "Self-policing" or just "...taking responsibility for your own damned neighborhood..."

When everything you want from life comes to you or is handed to you through a small window in return for your EBT or credit card, or when police come running to take care of trash, the country raises parasites.

Yet when the "public services" go away and people start taking care of themselves, we have people who are being responsible for themselves, and in this case, for their neighbor.

Yes, there will certainly be a large percentage who never get out of the FSA mindset.  But as we have just seen in Detroit, when push comes to shove, there is also a percentage who will stand up and go to work for their AO.

Here's a solution, and it has been discussed at more than one CQB class: Defund FedGov to the point that only enumerated powers can be executed.  Defund local .Gov and starve it of all money except that needed to keep the streets clear and the trash collected (the real trash, not the genetic sort).  Remove any local .Gov employees/politicians who don't like it.  Remove all warning labels from all products.

Those not worthy of the gene pool will die or leave.  Human Beings in self-preservation mode WILL evict dangerous animals from their AO, one way or another.

Problem solved.

Let it burn.  A controlled burn, to be sure.  People worthy of being American WILL rise to the top if we return to a genuine meritocracy.  Let's restrict the third-party management (.Gov) to its proper role - small and very limited.  Harden your hearts, there will be many Hard Things between here and there.  But, hell, who promised you a rose garden?

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