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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Three III Patriots...

Sam Adams was to be arrested by the British force tasked with taking the munitions in Concord.

They also had a warrant for John Hancock, a money player who helped finance the work of Adams and through him the Sons of Liberty and others.

Alan makes a very good, informed argument when he asserts that three men carried the Revolution until it was picked up by others.  Adams, Hancock and Otis did a lot of work that otherwise would not, probably, have been done.

Three guys pushed hard and showed Patriots it could be done.

Read Alan's assessment here. (9:21 PM)

Now, look left and right at the Patriots you know.  Is there an Adams in the mix?  A Hancock with the money to finance the work that needs to be done?

Is it you?  Do you have the passion needed to lead a country back to Her roots and back to Liberty?

Heroes and Founding Fathers rarely begin a day with the intent of becoming immortalized in History.  Heroes and Founders are simply men and women of Principle who refuse to bend knee.  They are willing to challenge Evil.  They are willing to go into Harm's way.

Without Adams & Hancock, would Independence have ever become reality?  Without the Boston Massacre and Tea Party, how many Patriots would have stayed on the sidelines, unwilling to move against a King?

The Enemies of Liberty are NOT strong enough to survive against a serious, principled corps of modern Patriots.  It simply takes enough principled people to stand up and refuse to bend knee.

And it takes a few who are willing to throw a punch.

It is a small number. 

Perhaps not more than 300...

Think about it.


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  1. I've been spending a lot of time on this subject lately. We speak of three percent, but in reality that number was after the fact.

    The impetus of the Revolution can be traced to the Crown destroying Samuel Adams' father financially and passing over Otis' father for the position of Chief Justice for Massachusetts. Both men were incensed as a result and worked tirelessly to battle King and Parliament at every turn. My feeling is that Hancock made a decision early on to support Adams' efforts (both philosophically and monetarily) initially from fear, then from a genuine commitment as events unfolded.
    Men like Jefferson later added class to an otherwise vulgar brawl that centered in Boston.

    Three men. Arguably, the actions of three men initiated a war for independence from the most powerful nation on earth at the time. Three men.

    It's my history. It's your history. Revel in it. Embrace it.

    Evil men wish to separate you from your history. Others wish to modify it.

    Damn them. God damn them.


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