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Monday, August 19, 2013

Florida CQB

I have posted the above video twice before, the first time early in 2012, and again this March.  Please watch it.  Mute it, then crank your favorite head-bangin', kitten-stompin' music as you watch.  This is Krav Maga.  I have been advocating to every single person who is serious about Liberty to immerse in a Krav program for at least 6 months.  Immerse - that means you go to every class you can attend for six months and you go hard, surrender to the pain, feel what it is like to hit and get hit.  (Here's my March post.)

Krav is NOT an art I have studied beyond the academic.  It is an art I have faced, and I promise you this - facing a trained and motivated Krav fighter is going to be a handful, and I don't care what skillset you have built over the years.  I got my first taste of handling a Krav attack from a lass who learned it during her mis-spent youth in Israel, and then applied and refined it in the real world.  This is not to boast: I know I could handle her, but it would not be free, and it would take everything I've got to walk away alive.

We were very fortunate Saturday in Florida to have a Patriot among us who has a year of Krav under his belt, and his wife trains with him also.  As you can imagine, I paid considerable attention to him through the day and I remain convinced in my convictions: If you want to learn how to stay alive in a serious buckle-to-buckle ruckus, in the shortest time possible, find a Krav studio and do it.  The biggest problem our Krav student had Saturday was overcoming his muscle memory - he tended to receive an attack as he would in his Krav studio, he fell into his reflexive responses, and I promise you that is NOT a bad thing.  In a year of Krav he has enough muscle memory that in a real fight it will be his to lose - he has the skills to survive.  I was glad to see him really work to incorporate the techniques I shared, and I told him what I will tell all of you - take what works for you and ignore the rest. 

You might think my Ego would lead me to push my fellow Patriots into the arts I have studied.  Nope.  I have culled a selection of techniques from all of the arts I have studied, and created this course to be a fast, brutal set of skills.  I don't make a dime by steering anyone to a Krav school - I am telling you that from a lifetime in the arts, Krav is where you go if you want to learn real skills, real fast. 

I have only one critique regarding Krav - and it is a critique, NOT a criticism - unlike a finesse art, Krav is hardcore from start to finish.  The ONLY weak spot I see in Krav is that some students can become so focused on the attacker in their face, it becomes difficult to engage multiple attackers because of tunnel vision (Tunnel vision is a natural Human response in dangerous situations, EVERYONE needs to work to overcome it.)  Remember, that is a critique, and certainly not one that applies to all Krav students - I know they train to engage multiple attackers, and I know it is effective, but becoming proficient requires the student to train hard. (That same critique applies to many, many arts.  And many, many arts are absolutely useless against multiple attackers.)

So, folks: Find a Krav studio, please.  That pistol is NOT a magic Bad Guy Eraser.  It is merely a tool, one you may not be able to get deployed as quickly as you need.  That's when the bad guys will be on you, and you have to stay alive long enough to get that weapon in play.  Krav can get you there.

To my fellow Patriots in Florida: When you get together to train, follow his lead. (I'm not using his name for obvious reasons.)

Stay safe, Patriots.  This ain't no f'n game.


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