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Friday, August 23, 2013


I mentioned in a post below that there is considerable inside baseball taking place.  I will not bother you with details, except to repeat again so that those of you who choose to come here and read what I write, will know the overall topic.  There are white supremacists (not merely separatists) actively working to infiltrate the broader Liberty Movement, and particularly the III Percent.  Their goal is to pervert the noble mandate of the III Patriot cadre into something ugly and unfitting for any person who subscribes to the American Ideal that is our Founders Intent.  (That phrase, by the way, "Founders Intent" is one introduced to me by The Trainer, and it is an excellent label for a noble endeavor.)

Bill has been working this topic longer than have I, and with much more detail.  You already know I recommend you visit Bill's site daily, but I'll remind you anyway: Visit Bill's site daily.  If you appreciate honesty, no matter how ugly it may be, Bill is That Guy.  Just one example of why I am so proud to be part of this community is because we have men and women who choose to put their necks out there and do the work required, Patriots who follow the demands put upon them by their own Principles.  I also like that we have so many outstanding bloggers and blog supporters that we are able to engage CA's "Polygonal Battlespace" on multiple fronts at once. 

This is the fight that landed at Bill's feet, and he began stomping it.  I was tangentially involved, then I chose to become actively involved because some of those ugly people decided to invoke my name.  The fallout is, honestly, something that pleases me very much - because of the work Bill has done and continues to do, false "Patriots" are being revealed for the shallow-thinking, hate-filled, useless genetic waste they have become in life.

I'm going to say this one time: I am at a point in my life that pleases me.  I am married to the love of my life and we have had more than a decade together.  I have mastered several trades and professions.  I have trained many people (men and women) in a trade that allowed them to leave my shop and get hired for $20/hr after a single weekend of sharing skills.  I have mastered a martial skillset.  I am proud that I have useful martial skills that I get to share with fellow Patriots, and I get to travel and engage that passion.  I am helping build cohesion and morale among this corps of Patriots that makes me even more proud.  I helped birth the Citadel concept, and it is now far beyond "Kerodin" - if I die tonight, the Citadel will still happen.  Jim Miller will continue building the finest ARs and 1911 Fighting Arms available to Patriots who may, one day, be forced to take those arms to the Green.  I have no children.

My point: Fallout from this little distraction has turned to threats against me.  The threats I've seen thus far are anemic and probably nothing more than keyboard asshats, though the White Nationalist fucks that I am engaging have an enforcement arm.  I have tangled with them before, during my mis-spent youth.  Nothing is more amusing than the image of skin-head fucks walking around with ax handles, thinking they are superior creatures.  But make no mistake - such animals are dangerous.  A straight-up fight is not in their nature.

To any asshat who wishes to avoid conflict with me, leave my name out of your mouth.  Do not drag me into your reindeer games, and I'll probably never give you a second glance.  However, get in my grill and we take it to the next level.  I think I have demonstrated I am not a keyboard commando who believes there is no world outside the digital universe.  You are responsible for the words that come out of your mouth and you are responsible for the words typed by your fingers - especially if you direct those words at me or mine.

Leave me alone and we'll have no problem.

Fuck with me, and you'll have a problem you can't handle until you kill me.  All threats will be treated as legitimate and physical in nature, and I will respond accordingly.  Threats that intimate that I will be ambushed will earn an active response that digs deep into my training.

I do not dial 911.

Some people seem to think the internet is a playground where they can say anything, to anyone, and never answer for their behaviors.  Those people are stupid if they apply that reasoning to me.

This ain't no fucking game, to quote Jedi Zoomie.

Principles matter, Patriots.  If we do not live and defend the principles we advocate, we do not deserve Liberty, or respect.  If I die upon Principle, I hope real Patriots will tip a beer toward my corpse and remember me as a serious Human Being who died well.

I've accomplished plenty in life.  I'm ready to die standing upon principle, if I must.

Anyone who wants to test me on that - bring it.  I will kill you, or die trying.



  1. You really have to give credit to the powers that be...They knew what they were doing when they dumbed down the population... Stupid people will believe anything you tell them if it fits in their little box of thinking...I think the 'elite' really get a kick out of seeing the people that really oppose them having to wade through the petty shit of small minded people to get out the message of liberty...The thing of it is they always make mistakes because of their arrogance thinking that they are smarter than everyone else....

  2. I'd rather raise a beer with you while you're still vertical. :)

    As for the asshats, one would think that your training sessions are proof enough that people shouldn't piss on your shoes and tell you it's raining. Oh well, ego is what it is, they're responsible for their actions.

  3. It's very interesting that this is happening right about the same time that this administration and their media lapdogs seem bound and determined to gin up a race war.

    Are we seeing a multi-pronged offensive, perhaps?

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again: You need help, just holler.
    I have no special skills, I'm not a trained fighter, but I do have an advantage that most people don't - I have reached a point in my life to where I simply do not give a fuck anymore.

  5. Goons with ax handles making threats. Isn't that the same tactic progressives use? How, exactly, does that work in a 'Patriot/Liberty movement' anyway?

    Ditto what Wirecutter said.


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