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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three times is enemy action...

Anyone paying attention can see the sudden rise in "Knockout Game" attacks by black teens/mobs on white Americans.

I hope you can see this is not a spontaneous or organic series of events.

There is a silent hand, unseen, guiding and directing these attacks for political gain.

There is no doubt that animals exist in our society.  There is no doubt, at least in my mind, that the men with the invisible hands are even more evil than the animals who choose random victims for brutal violence, and often death.  Do not allow yourself to be played.  Do not react emotionally and lash out as the Bad People want you to do - at color.  If you must react, by all means destroy the animals.

But do not leave their handlers in play.

Every day "Talking Points" are issued to political operatives who then set out to spread the party line.

I hope you understand that the same mechanism is used to urge actions that will lead to political outcomes.  If the goal is a "Race War", how better to reach that goal than to start one by having local "Black Leaders" whisper into the ears of neighborhood Bad Guys, slipping the leashes off?  What's next in this deliberate attempt to start a ruckus?  Look for some "White" guys to do a drive-by and take out a street corner filled with black faces.  Look for a stray bullet to hit a little girl.  Look for provocations designed to fan the flames.  And the "White" guys pulling the triggers?  Media will report "Skinheads" or "Tea Party" racists.  Can you say False Flag?

Someone has decided that America is not collapsing fast enough for their personal agenda.

Start a race war.  "Hack" Wall Street (which will have smart investors flee the markets, leading to a market crash.)   Let Russians inspect our nukes on American soil.  Throw in some national-level "Muslim" scare, and the North American Games will begin at full speed.

Do not allow yourself to be played by these people.  Handle your business, to be sure.  But do not neglect the architects of this war.

Here's just one link in this saga - WWII Vet murdered.


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  1. kiro in seattle has the story this morning.


    Hope the popo catch these punks before some of his friends do. or is that wishful thinking?


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