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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Remember kids, He who made kittens...

...put snakes in the grass. (Jethro Tull, of course, here)

You do realize, don't you, that the Constitution as ratified and respected does not provide any means whatsoever for FedGov to put its hands directly upon a Citizen?

As ratified - FedGov can't reach into your wallet.

As ratified - FedGov cannot compel any Citizen to perform any act. (Enumerated Powers, here)

As ratified effectively died with Lincoln, and all Amendments passed after the Civil War were illegitimately put in place.  Make no mistake, the amendments passed since Lincoln murdered the republic were passed by defeated state legislatures that, quite literally, had guns to their heads.

In my mind, every Amendment passed post-Civil War is void because of coercion.

But that is an academic point right now - because the Bad People who want that paradigm to prevail have armies with firearms who will kill you to maintain that paradigm - just as Lincoln was willing. 

The Bad People have established their standing armies about which we were warned by our Founders.  Read here.

What to do?

Because Fuck You, that's why...

Do you think my language too crass?  Does the F-bomb offend you?

Doesn't being enslaved offend you more than the F-bomb?

Nothing in life is free. Liberty will never be free.  Even if we manage to secure it again in our lifetime, our posterity will have to fight the same battles in this eternal war.  For our species will always, in every generation, birth those who mean to be Masters.

Because Fuck You, that's why... - This is not simply vulgarity for the sake of being a potty mouth, it is a mindset.  It is THE ONLY ANSWER to tyrants and people who would infringe your Liberty.  Then you have to back it up with as much force as is required to prevail - or die trying.

That's what "Live Free or Die" means.  Cultivate the Fuck You attitude.  Live free.

Or, die.



  1. If we ever meet, I'm buying you a cold one just for the Jethro Tull reference. :)

    1. Wraith: I tell my wife that the understanding of all Human Nature is available in that one song - she doesn't believe me, yet. ;)



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