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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Video solution

Found a solution thanks to the kind folks who weighed in below when I asked for a way to get video/audio uploaded and disseminated quickly and efficiently.

Consider: You are out and about and suddenly confronted by an Enemy.  You want and/or need a record of the interaction.  Getting your smartphone in action can take a few moments, and it ties up your hands.

The Looxcie device not only lets you start recording (audio and video) with the touch of a button, but if you tie it into your smartphone it will stream live to the 'net.  It is a simple touch of a button.  So if your phone falls into Enemy hands, they can't delete the footage.  It goes, realtime, to your allies.


I will be getting one very soon, and some of you will be programmed into the device.  Should my life become unexpectedly sporty, you will receive the file.  Even if I die, you will know the truth, and not the media spin.  That matters to me.

I would recommend to all Patriots reading this blog: If you agree that we are at war with Enemies of Liberty, consider getting such a device.  Secondly, I would ask you to consider carrying your sidearm wherever you go, within the laws of your jurisdiction. (What you do in contravention to your local laws is up to you.)

If we are at war, shouldn't you be prepared for conflict? 

Think about it.

Here's the link to Looxcie.  My thanks to those of you who posted helpful comments and wrote me in email on this topic.  None of us are invincible - but if we take reasonable precautions, at least the truth of our demise can be known.


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