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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yes, Virginia - They do mean to have a war...

The image above is on a Minuteman 15 AR built by Jim Miller at III Arms.  It is among the finest Fighting Rifles available to Patriots in America.  You can order yours here.

When you look at the news of the day and ask yourself the hard questions in the silence of your own mind, do you conclude that America is at war and that you are seen as an enemy by people who mean to dominate or rule you?

If so, should you not behave accordingly?

If you conclude that at any given time you may be targeted by members of another race for beating or killing, should you not be armed and operating in Cooper Yellow at all times?  Should you not establish prudent security protocols for your family - such as who answers a knock at the door, how they answer that knock, how often your spouse and children check-in, setting perimeter security, harden your home to delay any possible assault, establish E&E protocols, and so on?

If you conclude that at any time you may be targeted by a member of the enforcement arm of your political enemies - people who may pull a firearm and point it at you for the slightest infraction or failure to show proper deference - should you not be armed and ready to counter that threat?

If you believe Bad People are waging war upon you - act like it.

I look forward to meeting and talking with many of you in Idaho in a few weeks, where we will discuss such topics.  I look forward to seeing others at Brock's PatCon next month.

Later tonight, ask yourself if people are waging war upon you.

Then, decide what you are going to do about it. 



  1. Go read this.


  2. Yes to all the questions. This is why I started me and my kids early on in life with eskrima, then mixed in BJJ. Now they are both efficient in guns to. In eskrima they start you off with weapons. Stick, sword, knife then empty hand. Between all three(Eskrima, BJJ and guns) it's pretty effective. My daughter, because of her age can only carry OC and a knife. My son only a knife around the yard and the town sometimes. I carry a gun, knife and more goodies in the car.. We are looking into Krav, but money is always tight..We do what we can.


    1. Eskrima is a good place to start - the weapons range is still in the CQB realm, andthat builds confidence in being close to your attacker. Following on with BJJ is outstanding, and then adding Krav will make your entire family outstanding as a unit. Blend your handgun and rifle work into it all, and you have a solid core. Good on you, B.R.


  3. "You can order yours here."
    No, I cannot!
    I am deep in a traitorous domestic enemy shithole that is CT, MA, CA, NY, et cetera, et cetera.
    Why should I have to run from state to state throughout our gangraped and sodomized Republic; on life support in the ICU of history?
    Unfortunately, where I am is where I am.
    This is my sole link I to loving parents and family.
    Again, I ask, why should we be forced to jump from state to state in our Constitutional Republic?
    Fuck it all!
    The majority of us are about to be at the business end of vigorously exchanged(catch this hot potato fucker) fission weapons, with the remnants not turned to ash glowing in the dark luminous green and dying a quick poisonous death.
    That's why I survived Iraq & Afghanistan as a medic, with all my fingers and toes intact minus a number of teeth and gumline.
    To live for many, many years dying safely and quietly in bed, after decades of unmolested couch surfing of cable TV and internet porn.
    Yes, the living death of cowardice, that's the junk food and soda swilling fatboy life for me.
    Goddamn it!

    1. I hear you, sir - 5 x 5. You already know this, so it is more for the audience that may be stumped: Every uniformed Enemy of Liberty behind enemy lines (such as CavMedic) has first-class 2A in their cars and elsewhere. When life gets sporty, you can "appropriate" what you will need, with just a bit of planning and guts and buckle-to-buckle 'conversation'. ;)


  4. "buckle-to-buckle conversation":
    Viva, General Vo Nyugen Giap!


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