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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Can't Choke This!

I have a core of 65 techniques built into the Fight to your Weapon class.  In the typical class I teach an average of 45 of those techniques, based on the individuals we have attending and the primary concerns (expected threats they will face) in the group.  For instance, a group of Militia in full kit will need a subset of techniques that a group of folks whose primary concern is home invasion will never use.  Additionally, I tailor based on age, physical condition, et cetera. 

I often explain that the techniques follow the old 80% rule: 80% of the techniques will work against 80% of the people you are likely to encounter, 80% of the time.  The "real" percentage is a bit north of 95%, but most people are familiar with "The 80% Rule" from other aspects of life, so I just stick with that number.

At the Citadel PatCom one of our III Patriots, pictured above, is strong like bull.  He is also built like bull.  He earned that t-shirt because even I couldn't get a front choke to work on the guy.  My forearms simply couldn't get deep enough against his neck to pinch the carotids.  We even sent Holly in there (she has incredibly slender forearms and a serious front choke), and his neck is simply so thick with muscle, getting a fast choke is impossible from the front.  Holly was able to make his face turn several shades of purple, but it took far too much time and in a real fight, our Patriot would not simply sit still and wait for the choke to work.  This was a perfect example of the 80% rule, and it was great for the class to see it in action, so they understand that not every move will work in every situation against every opponent.  You have to be versatile.  You have to be patient and you have to be ready to abandon what is not working and go for something else.  In a rumble with this Patriot, working for a front choke will bring you no joy.  Good for him.  For the enemy trying to choke him from the front - not so much.  While the enemy is trying to choke him, our Patriot will be carving his name in the Bad Guy's guts or punching .45 ACP holes through his torso.

Defeating an enemy - any enemy - will never be a scripted event.  The enemy always has a vote in how things unfold.  There is no such thing as a perfect technique, a perfect move, a guaranteed first-shot stop with your Fighting Pistol or Fighting Rifle.  Ripping your Battle Knife across the guts of a Bad Guy is not an absolute end to the fight - he can still kill you before he dies.  There are Enemies of Liberty among us who will have you bend knee, or force you to defend yourself.  Please, I beg you, if you think that handgun holstered on your strong-side hip is a magic wand, get with Mosby or Max or Mason Dixon and let them show you just how easy it really is to take your handgun out of a real fight.

III CQB:  Holly and I have taken decisions over the last few days that will change our future.  I have hinted in a few posts, but now the paperwork is done.  We are headed toward upper Michigan for a class this weekend.  We'll be hosting a DC Metro class the weekend of the 28th.  We'll be at Brock's PatCon teaching on Friday October 4th.  From there, we are heading back to Idaho where we will spend this winter, forwarding our III goals.  Once we land back in Idaho, I will not venture back out for classes over the winter.  So, if you and your team want a CQB class with me and H, please zip me an email and let's get it scheduled to fit into our travel plans.  We'll go anywhere on our return trip to Idaho, whether you are in Florida or Alabama, Chicago, Texas, or even California.  We can meander.  But once we return to Idaho, we'll be in for the winter, and I can't promise I'll return to the road even in spring.  There is much to do here.  I'll explain more of our winter plans here in Idaho in the coming weeks as warranted.

If you are a III Patriot, your head needs to be on a swivel.  Liberty is circling the drain faster than I have ever seen.  The Enemies of Liberty believe they are untouchable.  They have dropped the optics regarding the fact that they mean to be your Master, and that the only place you have in their world is to obediently kiss their rings and continue to work to feed their machine.

Holly and I have been here about two weeks this trip.  We have had the pleasure to meet dozens of folks who live here.  In every single instance, we have found the people we have met to be friendly, honest, nice, smart, independent thinkers, hard workers, and even those who know we are part of that "evil Citadel project" welcome us with genuine kindness.  Many of our interactions have been with business owners in St. Maries, and we have never been greeted with anything but a smile, handshake, and a "...glad you folks are here..."

As you may suspect, I am very attentive to political sentiments as we talk to people here, and here is my assessment: Benewah County just may be the most patriotic county in America.  Common Sense is the norm, not the exception.  Most people with whom I have spoken believe there is a need for Government, but not the over-reaching, invasive, unconstitutional government we currently have that is ruining lives.  Government exists to perform tasks that We the People delegate to them to handle on our behalf - not to serve them as a labor force and an ATM via taxes.

Holly and I are home.

Circling back to my original point: If you want H and me to come to share a class with your team or Tribe, the window of opportunity is closing.  Let's get it scheduled.



  1. Hey did anybody stop in at the Drifters Western Bar & Grill in St Marines while you were up there?

  2. K, the t-shirt slogan would make a good song parody. ;)


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