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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Skin in the game

Just how long would it take you to grow tired of such sunsets from your porch?

Now add the fact that this particular vantage comes with the security of being near town, yet high atop a mountain, well off any SHTF line of attack.  Snow concerns about getting to and from your safe place and down into town when necessary?

How's this:

A Honda Side x Side outfitted with tracks for those times when the snow gets too high for wheels.  Of course, good snow blowers are available these days to hang on the front of an ATV, complete with their own power source so they don't have to tax the ATV engine.

It is available with a cab to keep the heat inside for a genuinely civilized ride.

And in the summer, consider what your garden might look like:

This is a single shot from Miss Violet's garden this year, using seeds from Bill at Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed.

If you are a Patriot who embraces the Citadel concept, and you are an entrepreneur who can work from anywhere in the country with an internet connection, I encourage you to consider coming to see the Beachhead, meet folks in town, and seriously consider buying property to move out here and help further develop the security of Liberty.

Whether you buy property up on the mountain that is contiguous with the Beachhead, or invest in a lower location somewhere in the county, you will be in a much safer physical location, and living near Patriots who see the world much as do you.  In this county there is mountain property, waterfront on the St. Joes River and Lake Coeur d'Alene, simple homes on small parcels, homes in town and out of town, farmland and ranchland.  There is hunting and fishing, hiking, snow and water sports, and skiing within an easy drive.

Remember that "The Citadel" is first and foremost a concept of "Community".  It isn't about walls and bunkers and rifles.  It is about living among good neighbors who see the world as do you.  It is about returning to a sense of community where people look out for one another, and if things get rough, covering one another's backs.  It is about America and Liberty.

Don't take any rash decisions.  Plan a trip to spend a week or so and explore the county.  You may want to bring a trailer and park up on the Beachhead, or bring your camping gear instead.  You may choose to set up your base station in one of the motels in town.  In St. Maries you can walk anywhere you want to visit, from diners and restaurants to the Courthouse and Post Office, to the Motor Vehicles office, to gun shops and other retailers on Main Avenue and beyond.

"The Citadel" will never simply sprout from the ground, complete with amenities and sewer systems and all the modern conveniences.  It will take hard work.  It will take real Patriots moving out here and setting up their businesses, and hiring local residents.  It will take us all proving to the residents of the county that we are, and will be, good neighbors.  When we get to the point we are ready to search for a proper tract of land suitable for "The Citadel", we will have had to convince the residents of Benewah County that we are not seeking to change anything, especially the charming town of St. Maries.  To accomplish these things, we need you to consider making the move and helping us all do this work.  You need to put some skin in the game.  Buy a home, or a piece of property and build a home, or at least use it as a vacation spot or hunting land.  Bring your business with you.  Contribute.

The moment you choose to come and settle here, you will have already taken one of the most effective defensive measures possible for you and your family.  You will have gotten off the line of attack.  When the economy implodes in the major metro areas across the country, there will not be any rampaging hordes in Benewah County.  The land here is fertile for crops and ranches.  The people are self-sufficient and not afraid of hard work.  They will defend this area if it ever becomes necessary.

Think about it.


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