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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Citadel CQB AAR

We trained over the weekend at the Citadel PatCom, but as former students who were present know, it was not a typical set of classes.  Holly and I had (and still have) many people to meet locally, tasks to accomplish before our next loop of this beautiful country begins.  As a result, we got started late on Saturday for Fight to your Weapon, and there were breaks forced by events.  The breaks were good things - you know, like Patriots riding around the mountain and buying property.  That is called progress.  That is called building Tribe.  That is called morale and cohesion.  That is called the premise of "The Citadel".  Even without walls we are building a community of Americans who believe in Rightful Liberty, who are choosing to pioneer this modern road back to Independence and Liberty, who are choosing their neighbors, and with whom they will stand.

So you can see, I had ZERO problem with the breaks and the chaotic nature of our Saturday class.  We finished up as the last bits of daylight surrendered to the night.  Then we headed to the fire to talk.

Sunday was more of the same.  Our GroundFighting 101 module is only a few hours, and it is far more physically demanding than Fight to your Weapon.  But we arrived atop the mountain later than we had planned, then Jim took several people down the hill to fire his beautiful 1911 and ARs (Oh, the horrors!!  ;)  sadly, and seriously, two people who had signed up for the GroundFighting course had to leave before the class began, because they had to get on the road and our "schedule" was shot to heck (Hey, that's a funny! Shot...)  Both Patriots refused when I told them I'd hit the refund button at PayPal for their Sunday fee - we parted with the understanding they will join us for a class at some point in the future. 

As all of my students know (though I am only making it public now), you only pay for my courses one time.  If you pay for Fight to your Weapon or GroundFighting 101 and attend the class, then in the future when we host another class in your AO, or we find ourselves together again at class time (say at a PatCom in Somewhere USA), you do not pay to run through the course again.  Yes, I pay my bills by teaching these courses - but I chose to train Patriots so they could add to their self defense skillsets.  So when you run through any of my classes for a second, or third, or fourth time, it helps reinforce earlier training and develop that critical muscle memory.

Our Sunday GroundFighting 101 class lasted a few hours, as usual, and was very satisfying for me.  I know those people in that class have learned how to defend themselves if they end up on the ground, and how to either improve their position or end the fight.  It is not a "grappling" course - it is designed to complement Fight to your Weapon skills - from the ground.  In the real world you simply can't afford to spend much time on the ground in a real fight.  (We can't afford a minutes-long fight on our feet in the real world, either!)  We focus on how to deploy your weapons while on your back, or your side, or even face-down.  And if you can't deploy your weapon right away, we teach you how to improve your defensive position and stay alive until you can either draw your weapon, or break your enemy at his head, his arm, his leg - whatever he decides you should break for him.  ;)

As with all skills, building upon what has been learned is critical.  Continuing to practice is critical.  Noone is ready for a cage match after a day or two of training, just as no one is a Rifleman after a weekend course.  You've got to continue to put in the work.

To that end, we are very lucky to have among our Patriot allies a couple who will be with us at Brock's PatCon, and they will be running video and still cameras so we can get the Fight to your Weapon and GroundFighting 101 course techniques online.  I can't begin to express how much Holly and I are indebted to these friends and allies who are offering their professional skills to help this III to III effort.  Since our very first class, and at every single class since, Patriots have asked for some way to review the course material so they can continue to train once Holly and I are gone.  We are just weeks away from reaching this goal.  Our classes offered at Brock's PatCon will, therefore, be a bit different from our usual class structure, as we will be taking extra time to make certain we capture the narrative and "How-to" of each technique in the core program.  You'll also see me and HK doing more techniques at full speed for the cameras.  I think it will be an added dimension of fun for all involved.  And, of course, if you are in the class and don't want your face on video, we'll be certain that doesn't happen.

So, to all at the PatCom this past weekend, thank you for so graciously accepting the atypical class structure. 

I have been looking for a way to quantify just how much progress was made in the Liberty Movement at our Idaho event.  I'm not sure I am up to the task.  In a community that has a LOT of talk and very modest action beneath the radar, the folks attending the Idaho PatCom walked the walk.  Some bought property.  Some are exploring that possibility.  That is a BIG F'N DEAL, to quote Jim Miller who was quoting our Vice President.  Miller received online orders for rifles while at the event, and I know several Patriots in attendance plan to add at least one III Arms Fighting Weapon to their kits.  And those who did not purchase property got to meet dozens of patriotic Americans who share their world view.  As with every PatCom held by every group of Patriots across this land, that personal connection is priceless.  Bill graciously permitted us to keep his "Brute" seed package within the Citadel group, thus establishing the cornerstone of our community seed bank.  Because Bill's seeds are heirloom, generations of Patriots will be able to plant generations of "offspring" plants, thereby feeding Americans for generations.

There was much more accomplished, but there is no way to get it all into a single post.  This post is simply number two in a series that will re-cap the weekend.  Much, much progress was made simply sharing the campfire.  Some of that we will share online - some will remain simply between those who were able to attend.

There are additional PatComs on the calendar, right now.  Mayberry and Bill are hosting another Texas event.  Every true Patriot in Texas should write Mayberry here and see if you can earn an invitation.  Simply living in Texas or the surrounding area is not necessarily going to get you a seat around that upcoming campfire.  ;)  In North Carolina during the first week of October, Brock Townsend of Free North Carolina will be hosting what I consider to be "THE" PatCon east of the Mississippi.  If you can attend, you should attend.  Here's Brock's latest update.

More later, folks.  We need to have a serious conversation, in public, about Mutual Defense Agreements.  We are at a point in this counter-revolution that every Patriot needs to be ready to help defend other Patriots who may suddenly need some help in the form of Flank & Spank (TM) actions.

Stay safe.


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