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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jebadiah Fisher Seed Update

Bill's endeavor into a business that serves Patriots is one of the biggest such successes we have seen to date.  Most of you know I am a strident champion of self-employment, and Bill found a need and served customers with high quality and fair prices, and has been rewarded (as Free Enterprise will do) with a successful business.  He is his own boss.  He sets his own hours (which most entrepreneurs know means "From when I wake until I finally crash in bed!"  And there is a level of satisfaction that can not be articulated with words in the freedom of being self-employed.  I encourage every one of you to find something you love, and turn it into a business.  It may never be more than a supplemental income, but if you believe in quality of life, it's sure hard to beat doing something you love and being paid for it.

I will ask each of you again to please go to your Church Elders and explain to them the value of having a seed vault for the parish.  Even if TEOTWAWKI never happens in our lifetime, do you know how many people come to your church each week seeking help with food?  Ask someone in your church who would know - you'll probably be surprised.  If your church gives such people a handful of FRNs or a bag of groceries, that is great.  But if your church could hand out a small selection of seed and host small classes on how to grow a portion of their own food, well - you've helped teach a man to fish.  You've helped to wean at least one person from the teat of society.

Here's Bill's latest update.


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  1. Being self-employed means you get to chose which 23hrs out of the day you get to work.


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