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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Constitution Bashing - Not here...

No more picking nits with the Constitution as ratified.  No more bashing the Constitution as ratified.

Not here.

I have my position on the topic.  If you do not like X or Y or Z about the Constitution, go someplace where they agree with you and bash away.  Not here.  Not anymore.  I tolerated "...differences of opinion..." and "...respectful discourse..." long enough.

This website is not the place to debate the merits of the DoI, Constitution or BoR.  I work for their Restoration, as ratified.  I'm not interested in threads being taken off course any longer with dissertations or strawmen about why I am wrong.  Go somewhere else.

People who blame the Constitution for the troubles of the republic are using the same logic as those anti-gunners who blame the handgun on the table for shooting the little kid, all magically and without Human Responsible Agency.  Blaming the Constitution takes all the responsibility off your shoulders, that why it appeals to so many.  "I didn't vote for it.  Not my fault!"  That's FSA thinking right there, folks.  That's simply not how it works, and I am tired of tolerating that blue only looks blue and why blue is really red, but I am too stupid to see it.

The Constitution as ratified. - or move on.



  1. Hooah!!!!

    Have any of these supposed Patriots read the DoI or COTUS lately? The DoI is becoming even more pertinent with the coming signing of the UN Global Disarmament Treaty by Obama and his cronies.

    I have always stated that a no negotiation LOD was the GDT Obama will see enforced with or without Senate approval (he has stated this on multiple occasions since his most recent placement in office).

    You have my full support. Restoration or be damned!!

  2. I think NH's comment about the DofI is highly relevant. It might be worth a closer read by some...the DofI, I mean.

    Also, "constitution bashing" can be ambiguous. There's a huge difference between saying, "The Constitution is rotten" (for which BTW a case can be made) and saying, "The Constitution isn't going to save your ass," which you probably know is closer to my personal opinion. I think the Constitution is a dandy Supreme Law and in fact I freely consented to it most of my life. But just like the Constitution didn't cause the mess we're in, neither is it some Holy Grail that's going to instill Heaven on Earth...for the same reason.

    As Trainer would be quick to point out, if it ain't consensual then it ain't the principles of the Constitution, let alone the DofI. IMO you really need to resolve this within yourself, because if the point is, "We're going to force what we accept is the proper way to rule others," then you're not saying anything different--IN PRINCIPLE--than the commie-libs.

    But it is different, of course, because the PRINCIPLES you seek to spread MEAN not forcefully ruling over others---that's WHY you like the principles of the Constitution. That's right, isn't it?

    The thing is, you've got to choose for yourself which is the HIGHER PRINCIPLE, the consent (not ruling over others) or the Constitution. That doesn't mean you can't have both, but it does mean that if you invert the means for the end, you'll be doomed to failure. IOW for you, either the Constitution is a means to end of a society built of individual choice and liberty, else "consent" is something which people MUST give, to the end of having the Constitution.

    So as long as your declaring, that would be a nice thing to declare...is "Rightful Liberty" the goal for which you believe the Constitution is the best means, or is the Constitution the goal...for which any means will justify the end? Sorry to put you on the spot, but I gotta hunch I'm not the only guy wondering.

  3. I see this issue much the same way I view the Scriptures: know them, accept them, believe them and live by them... things begin to degenerate when there are efforts to "make it better"... "as ratified" of both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights was good enough for our Founding Fathers, so it should be for us... trying to rewrite either the Scriptures or our Founding Documents is second-guessing the "stated intent" of the Authors and unless any has intimate, first-hand knowledge of anything beyond the "stated intent", then go pound sand and leave them alone - "as ratified"...

  4. Out founding documents may not be perfect, but they are a damn sight better than anything else on Earth.

  5. The Constitution as ratified. - or move on.


  6. Thank You!!

    Interesting, I had this same discussion with a chocolatier from Rockford just yesterday. Everyone seems to want their exception to it because their exception is "good", and it might be, but they never seem to realize that if they get their exception everyone else gets one too, which inevitably leads to where we are today, with a federal government that is precisely what our Constitution was written to prevent.

    David Martin


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