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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Curious - what are your thoughts...

...on a former "Prosecutor" who admits knowingly and willfully putting people in prison for "crimes" that he admits should not have been "crimes"?  The only "penance" he is willing to suffer (behind his anonymous online presence) is a bit of guilt.  He won't try to go back and help any of the people he prosecuted...

He thinks "I" am a bad poster boy for the III and Liberty communities.

Entertaining reading at Bill's place, here.

I swear, if you are looking for a side job, start making rope with pre-knotted nooses.  You'll make a fortune.



  1. We are WINNING. Right plus Might cannot lose. "The universe demands balance" III is here to make sure balance is achieved. The regime will fold like a cheap plastic card table from China. Just give it time. The old slimey traitorous bastards will be swinging from those re-usable ropes. The military is waking up. "Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead".


  2. He fucked up. He's done pissed Miss Violet off.


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