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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

There is no cavalry coming - John Wayne is dead...

Our hostess in Alabama submitted the above picture of her EDC bag.  I have no idea what she has inside, nor would I discuss it if I did...but I bet dollars to donuts a Bad Guy won't enjoy finding out...

Patriots across America are preparing for dark times ahead.  I hope you managed to get a bit of prep work in this weekend.  When the North American Liberty Games begin again at full-speed (most of us understand the starter pistol has already fired), there will be little time for OJT, there will be very few preps available, and even movement from one AO to another is likely to be very difficult, especially if you are moving with family and defensive capabilities.

Holly and I are currently driving across a beautiful piece of America under a cloudless sky.  We are reminded with every single trip we take that this country is simply too vast, too populated, to be controlled without the consent of the people.  Right now, most everyone has given their consent for the violence coming from men and women in government.  Most people will give more consent.  It will be a very few who resist, and even fewer who are willing to die upon our Founding Ideals.

I hope most of you have truly accepted the reality that if a decapitation strike comes from OpFor to the Patriot/Liberty communities, you are on that list.  You know the Trainer had an "interview" a year or so ago when he stepped off a plane.  You know the other day a Patriot known to Sandman had his wife visited while he was away from the house.  Do not think for a moment that these events, and countless others, are anything less than probing contacts to gauge responses.

I asked the other day if you had considered who would be the scapegoat.

It is coming, folks.  It is going to happen.  You are an impediment to whatever plans the Bad People have.  Demonization of "Patriots" and "Tea Party" and "Veterans" and so many other groups that you and I know to be solid, honest, rightful Americans is not a random whim exercised for fun - there is a plan, and you are firmly in the line of attack.

There is no cavalry coming.

Defending yourself will be a felony.  Speaking your mind is a felony.  They will lie about you.

They will kill you or have you bend knee.

No one is going to give you permission to do the work that must be done.

I really hope you are all cultivating the "Fuick You, that's why!" attitude, and incorporating it into every aspect of your life.



  1. Keep your M1 Garand close by and have your 1911 and lots of ammo on you at all times. Non commies are in for violent scenes as commies outnumber non commies about 500 to 1.

    The good news is that most commies are cowards, unarmed, or carry poodle poppers. Lacking targets they'll kill each other with sticks and rocks.
    Semper Fi

  2. Thanks a lot, you sure did screw me!
    Obviously, I'm on that hit list now,
    as you referred to me as an ally in
    the comments of a previous post.
    Thanks for nothing.
    I was going to live forever and now
    you F'd that up.
    Ha, ha, ha, just joking with laughs all

  3. True that Kerodin. Any more info on the sandman raid?

  4. let them come. I have a front-end loader and plenty of acreage to plant remains.

  5. Good stuff. "North American Liberty Games" - that's the best tag I've heard in a while. Enjoy reading your blog, K.

  6. Im relatively new to the III blog. I am glad to see there are others not afraid to express their displeasure with our "government". Im not going to rant or vent, but I do have some questions for you guys. How can I make a difference? I have a select few that share our views. Surely there are more. But my main concern is my lack of military and combat experience. Im an avid outdoorsman and hunter. Im prepping myself the best that I can with the funds I have to work with. I maybe only one man.. but I will not bend a knee to no one. I will defend whats mine come hell or high water. I hope to meet more in my area who truthfully share our beliefs. Until then, stay safe. Keep up the awesome work K!

    1. Network yourself with like minded individuals. Stock and cache food, arms and ammunition. The government is already controlling the population through welfare/food stamps. Food will be a critical resource in the days to come. Learn to really shoot. I recommend Appleseed as a great place to really learn the fundamentals. They're non-political, but very conservative in their values. I get it you're a hunter, you know how to shoot. Trust me, I'm a Soldier, expert marksman, Appleseed taught me to shoot and provided the foundation to exponentially increase my engagement distances. Just as importantly, Appleseed will expand your network. Encountered a few liberals passing through the program, most leave with a new perspective.

  7. Little doubt about it , more to come . They're probing .

  8. And even then, John Wayne was just an actor.

  9. Thanks for the input. I will do my homework on Appleseed. I do have a question for you guys.. is an AR platform the weapon of choice? 5.56/.223? Im fixin to spend some money on guns.. Id like to be shootin what others are, just in case of problems with the gun or needing ammo. Im also doing my homework on canning some meat since deer season is right around the corner. Is canning the best method of food storage?

    1. AR's are popular, and prolific. We see a lot of rifles come through Appleseed. We prefer to work skills development with .22 LR's at 25 yards (Marlin 795 / Ruger 10/22 Type rifles). Then go full distance (500 yards) with centerfires. Personnally, I prefer .308 for distance work, but don't begrudge those opting for the AR's in 5.56/.223. Historically I've stuck to common rounds, but this recent ammo crunch has me rethinking that approach. Having a .270 in the safe might not be a bad thing if there's still ammunition on the shelf for it. Reloading is really the key factor that has allowed me to keep shooting this year. All that said, the gun I reach for when headed out into the woods in almost always my Winchester Model 94 in 30-30... which leads me to conclude that the best course of action is to have options.

    2. Pressure canning meat is easy. I learned by watching youtube videos and reading the Ball Blue Book of Canning. You can get the Presto pressure canner at Walmart for $70. Stay away from the walmart brand of jars though because they break more easily. Ball, Kerr, Golden Harvest are all made by the same company and quality.
      Regarding platforms and calibers, I think since our military and LEO use 5.56/.223 and .40S&W, it is wise to also use it. But there is still something to be said for not having all your eggs in one basket.

  10. May God bless, strengthen and preserve you people - from the UK.

  11. Also,
    CLOSE your Bank acc
    ounts, TODAY! Get it ALL out.
    If you must, open an account at a Credit Union (Local), they are member owner, not shareholder/Fed Chartered/Bailout driven.
    Profits go to members in the way of discounts and rates.
    Work to starve the beast.
    Also buy some Physical Silver and Gold and stock up.


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