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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Eat Shit and Die you Marxist Fucks

"...Kerodin, the Citadel’s central idea man and principal propagandist, taught hand-to-hand combat courses known as CQB—close-quarters battle.

Whether or not the Citadel is built, the gathering itself is important: it could become the most significant turning point in the militia and survivalist world since Timothy McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma federal building in 1995 and the FBI crackdown on armed paramilitaries that followed."

I do not usually give space to the Marxist garbage that writes about me.  (Ladies, I apologize for the following language.)

This time, I will.  And I am speaking directly to you Leonard Zeskind and Devin Burghart: How fucking dare you link me to that cowardly, baby-murdering piece of shit Timothy McVeigh?  How fucking dare you try to instill in the minds of the general public that I am dangerous to innocent civilians?  How fucking dare you drag my wife into harms way by painting such a bull's-eye on my back?  If a Stack ever comes for me and she is hurt, or even forms a tear in her eye, you had better fucking hope they kill me.  I will hold the two of you responsible.  Fuck you both.

There are some minor nits to pick regarding facts in the article, as usual, (not the least of which is that I was NEVER "...under Mike Vanderboegh's wing...")  but my beef is with the absolute lack of ethics and morality exhibited by these two authors and their magazine as they seek to influence public perception of me (and those around me) by subtly implying links to madmen, indiscriminate bombers, racists and more.  People are responsible for the words that come out of their mouths and for the words they type, because words lead to actions, and in my world, actions have consequences.

Here's the link, folks.

This ain't no fucking game.



  1. Damn the article reads as if vanderboob wrote it........ matter of fact it smacks of vanderboob taint.

    Bill Nye

  2. Take a moment and consider this: You are getting under OPFOR's skin.

    That is a good thing. It means you are doing something positive.

    1. Thanks Trainer, and I read you 5x5.

      Yet it is dangerous to be right when the Government is wrong, as they say. ;)

      Stay safe.


  3. Kerodin,


    I originally was not going to write anything about this Kerodin because you said what needed to be said,

    Then I saw this on the blaze.


    It appears the communists in D.C. and their "useful idiots" (the ones who wrote that article on you, Miller and the Citadel) are running this country into the ground.
    I was asking myself, why do the writers on that article even care about the Citadel?
    Do the writers have any thing to lose if a group of people want to form a community such as yours.

    What is their motivation for going after the Citadel?

    The only answer I can come up with is they hate people that are not like them. They hate people they cannot control. They hate people that are not part of their "hipster" cell phone culture. This is a war "independent thinking" and "Independent living" and they don't like it when you don't share your wealth with the collective.

    History has shown that totalitarian societies never last very long. Nazi Germany 1933-1945, Soviet Russia 1917-2001 and I can go on. History will always repeat itself. In the grander scheme of things if our country is reduced to a Chinease style of government and police state, it will burn itself out with in ten years from apathy, decay and economic suffocation.

    If the Citadel is left intact, and the residents are of like mind and focused on keeping the community going, it could go on for centuries if the culture is bred into the offspring of the first Citadel residents and carried on generation, after generation.

  4. Ignorance is dangerous. Ignorance and a keyboard is deadly. Anything written from just one perspective with nothing to balance isn't journalism, it's propaganda.

  5. Damn, that's a disgusting line about OKC. That's alright, the nice thing about transparency is that nobody gets away with bullshit like that. The truth will out.

    It's funny...they had a few facts in there. It might've been an objective report if they weren't so busy trying to hook brain-dead zombies.

    "The possibility of future violence rises in direct proportion to the proliferation of weapons."

    Wrong, assholes. The possibility of future violence LESSENS in direct proportion to the PROLIFERATION of weapons. What...do you think, "An armed society is a polite society," is just a cutesy slogan? It's the TRUTH, and YOUR insanity has caused a proliferation of violence, not to mention downright slavery, across the entire planet.

    And get this straight. I've never met Kerodin, so obviously we're not "friends" (yet!), I've no part in III Arms or the Citadel, and I belong to no organized militia group, unless you count "being American" as one of those. But I hope those folk get everything they seek, and I hope everyone else does too, Everyone but liars like you, who seek to enslave everyone else.

    YOUR shit caused the OKC bombing, in practice and in principle. The truth will out about that too, one day, no matter how many wikipedia pages you edit or delete. This world is going to turn civil, whether you like it or not. How do I know that? Simple...it's that or we all die. And if you think I, or people like me, are going to willingly die for your lying unproductive asses, then you've got another thing coming.

    Go count---people are waking up by the thousands, DAILY. That's why you're gurgling and that's why you'll be coming out in favor of wholesale slaughter soon enough. See how many people buy it this time around.

    Lastly, here's another correction and I've said it before. The Citadel is the most important "turning point" in the history of this entire society, and it's got nothing to do with Kerodin or Miller or anyone else. Hell, it doesn't even matter if it happens. It's the IDEA that matters, the idea that people can live together AS THEY WISH AND CHOOSE, and with sufficient defenses to stop anyone who would claim power over them. Get used to it, cuz when there's 5,000 Citadels out there, the slavemasters are going to be SOL.

    Sheesh, what a couple of "intellectual" punks.

  6. And hypocritical assholes to boot..."person of color." Oh, really? What color is that? Why, you know someone that's transparent?

    1. JK: You had us disturbing our neighbors with laughter at that one! "Why, do you know someone that's transparent?"

      Oh my, we have not laughed that hard in a long time!

      K & HK

  7. Except for the accurate info of what the Citadel is about, which isn't much in that "story", that reads to me like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag.

  8. It's The Nation, so couldn't expect much better and they believe there are impervious, which is all on our side.

  9. Wow. What a couple of ignorant asses. Keep up the good work Sam, if you are pissing off twits like those then you are on the right track. "Under the wing of Vanderboob", HA! Just goes to show how truly ignorant those 'tards are. Working right out of the Alinsky manual...

  10. Looking forward to the day the stooge list shrinks instead of grows, until then, here are two more for it

    Rd III

  11. Not only was that a propaganda hit piece it was also very thinly veiled slander and the bias was dripping off my monitor onto my keyboard.
    The comments were equally ignorant.

    I swear I felt my IQ drop twenty points.

  12. They're shit stirrers, brought to you by the NAACP and other 'main(urine)stream' organizations. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2010/10/21/who-wrote-the-naacp-racist-tea-party-report/#
    Not much of a friend to anyone.

  13. To actually poke someone in the eye is the greatest feeling in the world.

    My take on the article was, "Uh, gentlemen, you might want to keep an eye on this."


    Oh, and Sam, keep up the good work. Leaderless resistance my ass. Local, local, local? Only if you want to get bowled over. This is a damn country! It's been stolen from us. And we want it back. All of it. In total. From sea to shining sea. As our Founders intended. Looks like people are beginning to get the message.

    I think I'll mosey on over to Sipsey and see if this has been picked up there yet.

    1. Alan, I agree with most of what you say. But as far as "local local local" goes, you have to start somewhere. Many national events have been planned and executed with the results falling into the "not much" department. I agree with you in spirit, but reality dictates we need to gather our tribe on the local level first. We need to eat. We need clothing. We need boots. We need medical support. We need all sorts of supplies. That ain't coming from three states away when shit goes hot. We will get bowled over if we do not have local support...

    2. I hear what you're saying and I don't necessarily disagree. But my take is that most folks that are on board with the gig are not interested in building from the base as you suggest. They seem to think they're just gonna organize their little community and defend that against all comers and screw everybody else.

      I just don't agree with the concept. As much as I support the Citadel, and I hope I can get there, it's survival would depend on a major change in the political climate. I just can't fathom little pockets of freedom loving people being allowed to live peacefully within a raging collectivist country.

      Nope. We gotta take it on. All or nothing. Do or die.

    3. That's fine, Alan, as far as it goes. No single little community is going to make it against the Leviathan. For once, you're missing the tactics of it. Neither is one giant gang of people going to make it, for exactly the same reason. When you have unlimited materiel and no compunction about how many you murder, a few million in a single place isn't any tougher than a few thousand.

      Lots of people like to yap about "divide and conquer" as it relates to the so-called Freedom Movement. Maybe they should notice...that sword cuts both ways.

  14. There is no reason for you to react/respond to this kind of garbage writing.

    It's what they want.

    Do not let 'em push your buttons.


    1. Bob: They aren't pushing my buttons.

      I and warning Them that I hold people personally responsible for the words they utter or type and actions they take. Not the magazine, or the newspaper or the blog, or "the Government", but the individual people who are involved.

      When an idiot threatens that I will be ambushed (the quote was "...you'll never see it coming...", then I have a direct and personal issue with that person.

      We are at war. People are trying to undermine our credibility and if that fails, they try to have us imprisoned or killed. That is personal.

      Anyone who tries to kill me, imprison me, or hurt me can expect a very personal response.

      I'm the one pushing buttons. ;)


  15. How fucking long will we have to keep repeating this till people get their heads wrapped around it...

    "We are at war. People are trying to undermine our credibility and if that fails, they try to have us imprisoned or killed. That is personal."

  16. Actually, people don't give a fuck about your credibility, which doesn't make a whit of difference either way. Actual serious people are going about their own lives, and we occasionally look inside this little circus and have a laugh at you all. Don't let it bother you - you're too tough to worry about being made fun of.

    As for "imprisoned or killed," why bother? That's just more paranoid delusion. Nobody's hiding in your bushes because nobody cares.

    1. Hey everybody, look! It's "Vic Vega"! He's one of those pathetic fanboys who wants to be me so bad it hurts his two-cell brain. Normally I wouldn't give idiots like this any space to flame from anonymity (he really isn't anonymous, though - I know EXACTLY who he is...)

      Anyway, here's a perfect example of the minds that try so hard to thwart real Patriots who do real work, rather than sitting around waiting for their EBT cards to be re-filled. "Vic" gives himself away as a perverted fanboy who wishes he was me simply by his choice of screen names.

      Most of you know Vic Vega was a character in Reservoir Dogs (written by Tarantino). Vic Vega was a felon who did prison time.

      You see, "Vic" your Freudian aspirations sneak through even when you think you are being snarky and superior. You hold "Felons" and genuine Bad Boys as your role models.

      Sorry Vic. You can't be me. First, I'm me, and you couldn't handle the weight.

      Second - The character Vic Vega continued a life of crime after his prison stint, and he was a rat. So, the storyline similarities end with "prison". But you just go right on wishing you were me, and wishing you were "Vic Vega".

      Third - well, really, who needs to waste time with a third reason. You just go on condemning people like me, "Vic" while jerking off to the notion you are even in my world.

      Get some mental health help, "Vic". I say that as a compassionate Human Being.

      Eat a bullet. I say that as Kerodin.


    2. Vic: I'm sorry. You misunderstood why I posted your comment above, and that is my fault. I see your reply in my queue, but it will never see the light of day. You see, I posted the above comment simply to show the audience - real Patriots - what a genuine piece of genetic filth looks like on a blog. You did brilliantly in representing said filth.

      But we are not having a conversation. You are too stupid to get it, so let me type more s l o w l y for you. You are being mocked. You are a laughing stock. You want so badly to be tough and a "Bad Boy" that you choose a "Bad Boy" as an avatar and online persona, then try to bang heads with the real thing. The Patriots who come here are the real deal.

      You are not qualified to eat the corn from their poo.

      To us, you are shit on the bottom of a shoe.

      You barely earn a snickering dismissal.

      You are an FSA loser, an EBT parasite, an utter and complete failure as a man.

      Please go suck-start a 1911. Don't bother submitting any more of your *ahem*, "witty and scathing" rebukes. You redefine the paradigm of Suck.

      Take your meds. Play in traffic. Jerk off watching movies through which you live vicariously, imagining yourself as a tough guy and hero.

      And for the love of God, please do not breed.


    3. Why Sam, what are you trying to say? :-D

    4. Too subtle, huh? I need to stop coddling these idiots. I'm just too nice. ;)

  17. "What is certain, however, is that Kerodin and his fellow militiamen are building a dangerous movement of zealots"

    Holy shit, I'm a zealot? Right on.


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