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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Emily Gets Her Gun Event

If you follow the world of 2A, you've heard of Emily Miller. 

She works for the Washington Times, and has been writing a series of articles detailing her efforts to navigate Washington DC gun laws in the wake of Heller, et al.  Tonight there is an event in DC promoting her new book that compiles her experiences, and more.

Jim Miller, President of III Arms Company, will be in attendance as an invited guest.  If you have met Jim, you already know he is the ideal Ambassador for III Arms and the Citadel, and for Patriots, at such an event.

I commend to you all Emily's book.  Supporting our 2A allies is a critical piece of restoring Liberty.  If anyone has a review of her book from an advanced reading, I will happily post it for all.

Here's the link to the event.  You can register and attend if you are in the DC area.  Meeting Jim is worth the effort.  Showing support for a 2A fighter like Emily - matters.

Here's a link to her book at Amazon.


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  1. The Washington Times put on a great evening. Even though it was just about Miss Miller, there was enough Times promo going on to make it very visible. They are definitely NOT the WashPost. They found it interesting that the day the put out a full pull out section of the paper written about Firearms Manufacturers (Titled: Gun Makers, Guarding Our Freedoms) they received the largest amount of web hits in the history of their site. Telling in that city, in this political environ.

    I can say that some folks in attendance, their initial impression of me was a bit 'off'. One guy visibly shied away from me. Our position at III Arms, (and something I ran through my head again this AM at breakfast as an advertising logo/slogan): We are the ONLY firearms manufacturer in the WORLD that specifically builds their product to kill tyrants. We are purpose building firearms to kill tyrants, no doubt about it. Tell me that doesn't set you apart in a crowd. Hopefully none of ours will ever need to be used in that manner, but that is what we do.

    Anyway, the event was loud and filled with 2A friendly folks. Miss Miller is a lovely young lady with a new found love for the gun. Limited discussion with her as it was a room full of folks to see her.

    Others I met, from NRA lawyers and folks from the NRA Board of Directors, DC lawyers, Times executives and marketing folks, radio and blog personalities, to just everyday folks wanting to shake her hand and get an autograph. If you needed to find someone with a good handle on the 2A issues in the US and DC, this place, and last night, was the right place to find it.

    Mr. Heller got some good news regarding his Heller 2 case (another case currently in the DC pipeline) from an Illinois ruling in a recent case. A court in IL decided that Heller v DC DOES apply outside the home...something that will assist greatly with Heller 2 and likely shake up TPTB in DC. The lawyers on the Heller 2 case mentioned that they WILL eventually have right to carry laws on the books in DC. That's a huge leap in terms of where things are. Heller also has Heller 3, 4 and the possibility of more, in store for the DC court system. They are not letting up. Not by a long shot.

    Met a gentleman from MD who struck me as just another gun guy....until he mentioned his blog: BlackManWithAGun.com, Rev. Kenn Blanchard is another 2A advocate with a well heard voice and a proven track record. His initial opinion of me was mixed as well, based on 'what' I am (see above). Once Mrs. Heller told him 'who' I was, his opinion changed, and the conversation tone as well. Seems my donation to the cause is seen as a good thing. Several folks 'met' me last night for the first time, thanking me for MY donation to the cause.

    Met folks from the VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League), Buckeye Firearms Association, and several other Grass Roots organization that were there to lend support, and talk rights. If you have any concerns at to their support for the 2A, you need not worry.

    If there is a legal remedy within the confines of current law....these folks will find it. For all other means and methods, well, there are a few folks already ON the porch, armed and ready to step towards the street.

    In just over 2hrs, I met folks who I could have never met in years of normal meetings. I pressed flesh, got the III message out as clear as I could. I sent multiple people to our websites, our blogs and our message. I handed out III Percent cards, III Arms cards and discussed III Citadel ideas. They know that they have their job, and that we have ours if theirs fails. Neither side wants to see it get to that point.

    Folks, we are at a very interesting time as a Nation....precipice of forward, or regression. 99% of the folks there still think we can 'fix' this mess we're in, and are trying like hell to do just that. I just may have been the only 1Percenter in the room, but it felt good to know people are still fighting to prevent our side from being needed.


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