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Thursday, September 12, 2013

We're about done asking nicely with our words...

There is an interesting article linked at Drudge that talks about a group of counties in Western Maryland in which a Citizen group is seeking to split from Maryland and form their own state.  What is interesting is that this concept is cropping up across America.  There are several places across the country working to separate, peacefully, from their current state and form a new political entity at the state level that allows them to govern themselves according to their ideals.

Maryland is truly four different states.  The western mountain area is "Red".  The Eastern Shore is Red (farmland and watermen).  "Southern Maryland" is made up of Calvert County (Where I grew up on the waters of the Chesapeake with watermen and farmers), Charles and St. Maries counties.  That area is Red.  Then you have the center of the state from Montgomery County out to Baltimore, which is as Blue as it gets in America.  The Blue folks in Maryland are AT LEAST as Blue as New York and California Marxists.

Now, read this one quote from the author of the Maryland article:  I don't know about anyone else around here, but I'd have a hard time giving up Western Maryland. It's too nice for a bunch of grumps.

It is important to note that the author does not live in any of the counties that would be breaking away.  Yet, he'd "...have a hard time giving up Western Maryland..."

He believes it is his to give or not.

He likes to rule from the portion of the state that is Liberal, and use the western area of the state as his playground, and the resources of the area.  I'm not sure why he couldn't still enjoy that part of America if it was a new state - I go into Virginia all the time to enjoy what they have to offer.

You see, his quote says everything you need to know about the Marxists who demand that you bend knee.  They do not intend to simply let you go in peace - in any way, shape or form.  This is why genuine secession is not a viable option.  They will never, ever let an entire segment of the country pull back and cut ties.  They will come to recover the territory again and again and again.  These people (our American Marxists - and yes, that is an oxymoron I used deliberately) mean to be your Masters, period.  Full stop.  They will not even allow you to separate to form a new state under the current grotesque federal leviathan.

So, where does that leave decent people who mean to be Free and at Liberty when "They" will not peacefully permit you to do so?  If an amicable separation is not possible, a backfist becomes necessary - or you bend knee. 

This is why I refuse to accept secession as an option to our current problems. 

They.  Will.  Never.  Let.  You.  Be.

The solution:  America earned Liberty the old fashioned way.  Patriots backfisted the King and his men and they took their Liberty from tyrants.  When they came back in 1812, we did it again.  It is time to do it once more.

We are asking now with our words.  Please let us be.  Please leave us alone.

The next time we ask we'll have to use a different means of communication.

You and your children are entitled to be free and at Liberty in America.  The Marxist/Liberal/Blue/Red animals who mean to be Masters are morally wrong.  As Alan just commented on a thread, this is a country for the Free and a place of Liberty - from sea to sea and border to border.  We have no moral obligation to back up further from our Countrymen who demand that we submit to their whims and edicts - we have asked them politely to take their hands from us.

The time is coming when we will have a single recourse, because "They" refuse to leave us be.

Those who mean to be Masters, and those who seek to live as parasites upon the productive members of society, will be told to sit down, mind their own damned business, get a job, abide the letter and spirit of the Declaration, Constitution and BoR, or leave this land.

They will have the option to leave freely, with all of their belongings and go to a country that more suits their ideological desires.  But they do not have our permission to destroy Liberty and Freedom and to force us to live as they deem appropriate.  They do NOT have our permission to continuously infringe our Rightful Liberty.  They do NOT have our permission to secede and take the Northeast for tyranny, or any other region.

If they refuse to leave voluntarily with all of their money and belongings, they can be put on a plane, a boat, or walked to our northern or southern borders and leave under those conditions.

Or - they can stick around and continue to try and force us to bend knee, and we'll all get ugly.

This country has been here before, more than once.  We'll go there again before we bend knee.

Being an American, by definition, means that you do not need to bend knee to any other man or woman on Earth.  No King.  No Queen.  No "Dear Leader".

And anyone who insists on trying to force you to do so, deserves what all tyrants deserve.

Here's the link to the Maryland article.



  1. Don't you ever stop, you hear me, DON'T EVER STOP!!!! Even if they cut off all your limbs and voice box, scratch freedom in the sand with your stubbs. I will proudly stand by your side shoulder to shoulder on the front to fight for freedom. Fuck mikey vanderpelt and all the other douchbags they will NEVER be a III. Commies present or former have no right to ever be a III. You sold your souls to the red menace and will never be taken back...Fuck you commie traitors....."long live the III"

    -Eric M. Terry Aurora, CO.

  2. "...they do not have our permission to destroy Liberty and Freedom and to force us to live as they deem appropriate."

    However, they are already doing so. Until -- unless -- Boobus Americanus (aka, Sheeple) realize that their Constitutional, God-given liberties and freedoms are already gone and they are now living under the delusions of a state licensed and controlled construct of liberty nothing much is going to change the current trajectory of this once great country. We are going to continue to swirl down the drain to the dust bin of history.

    1. David: You are correct, and the only thing that gives me hope is that we won originally without "the masses", and I know you have no intention of going gently into that good night, nor do I. Nor does Alan. Jake. Matt. Lee. Daniel. Kenny. Teresa Sue. HK. Jim. And that list goes on. And on...

      We'll just have to carry the weight. ;)


  3. ... and on... Bev, John, Jared, Zech, Sarah, Becky, Mike, along with scores of unnamed others whom we know... standing with others against those who would try to confiscate our heritage and render us captives is only right...

    III to III

    Prepping Preacher III

  4. There is no passion for anything among the masses anymore...The only thing that will wake them up is when the oppression gets to heavy to bear...The thing is we have to have the alternative already in place...So that when they do wake up they have something to turn to...

    1. Oh...there's passion amongst the masses out there, but the passion is for stupid meaningless shit like football teams and shopping.

      But...you're right. When that bullshit dries up, they'll be raging and wondering what happened.

    2. That's not passion its lust to be entertained by meaningless things...Passion is reserved for things that actually have value...We here are passionate about liberty and justice for all...The masses not so much...

  5. "What I have to do" by flaw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpNMOHb7Xbc
    Caught up in a social degradation, you can't even see the truth.
    We're only half as good at personal relations, look around and see the proof.
    Only a few of us go in the right direction, even though we're singled out.
    It's the only thing that keeps
    me alive, I do what I have to do....) listen to it.. good tune.

    If only folks whom are patriots in WI, but don't know it yet, would do this. - I wouldn't contemplate moving to a less-commie state.

    I do have to say it was relieving knowing more states are experiencing more and more withdrawals of consent.... so to say...

  6. what i meant by consent..... Consent of the Governed.

  7. Keep in mind a couple of things.

    First, the colonists never, ever, had the thought of seceeding by region or colony and letting the king have the rest. Never. It wouldn't have worked anyway. It was all thirteen. All of them. Prior to the southern campaign in 1780 there seems to have been some talk about Britain ceding the northern colonies and retaining the southern ones. That wouldn't have worked either. The southern colonists would never have stood for it even if the northern colonists would have. No, all thirteen colonies stood together. There was never any intention of ceding anything.

    There has been discussion of triggers of late. It's important to keep in mind that the events in a single town initiated our revolution. It was the Bostonians and a very small number of leaders that stoked the fire of liberty throughout the colonies. Arguably one could consider Samuel Adams to be the glowing ember that started it all.

    One man. One town. Then thirteen colonies united ceding nothing. That's our history. Our heritage. Our identity.

    Why should we settle for anything less?

    1. And when they won their freedom, they were thirteen independent sovereign States. Acting in unison doesn't necessarily mean 'indivisible'.

      That said, I agree that the whole country has to be taken back. From there, IF (huge, huge 'IF') the nation returns to the principles and parameters of the Constitution as ratified and amended with the BOR, maybe folks won't see the need to secede.

      But if they do, that's their natural right, too. Forcing the states to stay after limited government and freedom is reestablished puts the lie to the restoration.

      My .02

  8. "Forcing...to stay after limited government and freedom is reestablished puts the lie to the restoration."

    Yes! Like the wise man said, "Only By Consent."

  9. "NO KING! NO QUEEN! NO LORD! NO MASTER! WE WILL NOT BE FOOLED AGAIN!" Sir Terry Prachertt in the diskeworld book "Wee Free Men"



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