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Thursday, September 12, 2013

IIIGear: Condor Tactical Gloves - Nomex

LEO: You will notice that is not a real Browning Hi Power, but a Blue Gun trainer.  Don't SWAT me, Bro!

Patriots: Your hands are fragile, and anyone who has ever punched another person in the head knows you do serious damage to your hand.  You can badly bruise yourself at a minimum, you can split the skin across your knuckles (and if you do that with a punch to the Bad Guy's mouth/teeth, you could earn a deadly case of sepsis), and of course the worst case is you break the bones and take yourself out of the fight.

I have owned my Condor tactical gloves for about a year now, and I prefer them to every other brand I have tried.  A hard "shell" protects your hand at the knuckles (not your punching surface).  There is reinforced leather at vital points, and at key locations on the back of your fingers there are built-up padding wedges to help further absorb the energy coming your way in a fight.

Fit: The fit of a set of gloves is the most important quality, of course.  And when you are wearing tactical gloves a bad fit can prove fatal.  You need to have full range of motion without the glove turning around your hand or sliding.  They can't bind you up.  They need to feel like a second skin to be effective.  As a fighter who relies on contact with my enemies (rather than strikes), I need to be able to execute wrist locks, arm bars, chokes, and more with my hands, and gloves that don't fit or that are poorly designed impede my ability to fight.

I had always been a Hatch guy.  I wore their tactical gloves for years, but they had no protections at all.  They were simply leather gloves that fit well enough that I could still execute techniques.

I am no longer a Hatch guy for gloves.  Don't get me wrong - Hatch makes a great product.  I have ZERO complaints about my Hatch gear. 

But in a violent environment that could become a CQB fight at any time, I prefer gloves with some protections built in for my hands.  Whoever designed the Condor gloves knew what they were doing.  There is protection where you need it, but not so much as to inhibit, and the fit is perfect.  When I say perfect, I mean even better than my skin-thin Hatch set.

I recommend everyone find a good pair of tactical gloves and then buy a few pair.  This is a consumable item, and in a world where re-supply may be a problem, you'll want back-ups.  You can order Condor Nomex Tactical Gloves from IIIGear, here.

Condor 163 Solo Go Bag (sling pack)
I am going to place a large Condor order within a few days, the timing should put them at my Maryland shop right about the time I roll back into town in a few weeks.  We just sold the last tactical cap we have with us (it is yours J.N. from Dallas and en route).  For my guy who has been waiting for his fleece since SPRING, they promise me they have rec'd their fall shipment and your jacket will come with this order.  I'll ship everything out before we head to Brock's NC PatCom and begin our trek back to Idaho.

Anyone who wants ANY Condor gear, surf the IIIGear site for our standard offerings, or surf the Condor site here.  I can order anything you want, in any color scheme (I prefer OD for all my gear except gloves, which are black).  Just let me know what item you see on their site that you want and I'll email you a price.

As with all IIIGear, you can find the same items online cheaper.  Remember the entire reason we run IIIGear is to put a few bucks into the 527.  So if you are shopping purely based on price, go to Amazon instead.  ;)

I'll be placing the Condor order on Monday, so you have the weekend to get your order in for your IIIGear.  Remember, all packs, vests, et cetera ship with a free III patch.



  1. Chris, will you be bringing any gear to the .NC PatCon to sell?

  2. These look great but I still prefer the Damascus SAP gloves which are no longer made. The deerskin is awesome and they truly fit like a glove and had a lot of lead shot or powder.


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