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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Get off the line of attack

My students hear that phrase so often during CQB class they probably get sick of hearing it.  My goal in repeating it is to hopefully imprint it on the brain.  I only have a few hours with each student, and "Getting off the line of attack" is the fundamental premise of surviving a deathfight at buckle-to-buckle range.

The premise does not simply apply to fights at close range.  It is a strategy and tactic that works from the national level to the personal.  If the enemy intends to attack X, be somewhere else.  Sounds simple.  Is simple.  My students also hear: Do not try to box Mike Tyson or wrestle Royce Gracie.  You never attack an enemy's strength, especially if you are no match for his strength.  If the enemy defends X, hit him at Y.

After our Los Angeles class, one of our Patriots took the premise and considered it, along with his own common sense and many other factors - and moved from SoCal to Texas.  Why?  In the event of an economic implosion, he and his family are in a better physical position.  While they may still be on "a" line of attack - they are "not" within the Los Angeles kill zone.

The entire Citadel Project is predicated on getting off the line of attack.  A group of Patriots decided they wanted to be as far away from the likely combat zones as possible when the economy busts, EBT cards dry up, and the Police State hits the streets of every major metro across the land.  Our families will be tucked safely away from the worst carnage, and the likelihood of rampaging hordes finding us are slim to none.  And if they do find us, our position is already defensible.  One or two Riflemen can protect thousands of people in our AO - and that is NOT hyperbole.

Knowing our families are safe, those who are of a mind to do so can cowboy-up and go looking for dragons to slay.  Many people have tried to find fault with our Citadel concept, and I have not heard even one convincing argument yet.  Even if we do not have walls and bunkers, we have terrain, we have Tribe, we have the means to produce food and energy.  Real families are already coming, right now.  Not to change the nature of our Redoubt, but to become part of it, to carry our own weight, and to let Bad People spend their energy and resources on each other while we take pause, conserve our assets and energy, before we choose to enter the fight on our terms.

Whether you plan to duck in the hills of Appalachia or the Rockies or the High Desert of the South West, or the marshes of Florida while letting the first waves of idiots kill each other, good for you.  There is no reason you can't slip out once in a while and help Patriots by giving OpFor a mouthful of FUBAR now and again.  But save your real energy for when OpFor is weak and tired and his morale is low.

Holly and I are looping back for the winter.  We promised more than a year ago we would lead from the front.  We are NOT armchair quarterbacks or generals.  We have skin in the game - in fact, we have all our chips in the pot.  Our path lies that way, and anyone who chooses to walk with us, or follow us, is welcome.  I know many of you are doing exactly that - preparing to get off the line of attack where you currently live, and coming to the charming little place we have decided is home.

Bring jobs.  Bring your families.  Bring your commitment to Rightful Liberty.  In protecting ourselves, we can help protect others.  Every single person Holly and I have met in our new home has greeted us warmly, authentically, and with kindness.  Several of us watched as a complete stranger walked up to Jim Miller and shook his hand, because he appreciated the patriotic message on Jim's shirt.

For those of you who prefer ranches or farming, there is plenty of land available that is fertile and profitable.  For those who want to be surrounded by Americans who still understand what community means, this place never forgot.  For those of you who simply want to get your loved ones off the line of attack, you could do much worse than Benewah County, Idaho.

I think most of us watch the news headlines every day and understand that there is no way we can ever vote our way out of this national disease - at least not by voting alone.  I think we all watch the headlines and understand the pace is quickening.  There are people who want a fight.  They have no place in their world for you or me, and they mean to be rid of us.  I think more and more Patriots are fully comprehending that economic implosion is imminent.

Get off the line of attack.

Then, if you choose, you can effectively counter-attack.


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  1. Just discovered your site today. We, too, are moving from (gag!) California to the Redoubt. South of you near the border. 10 acres, small home, large barn. I feel like time is moving too fast for me to be fully prepared but I guess no one ever is. Must wait til next spring to make the jump. If necessary will leave CA home to the natives if the SHTF before that. Your site is encouraging and I'll take time to read your archives. Thanks!


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