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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

III CQB Classes

I explained at the beginning of the summer that Holly and I were going to begin traveling to teach our CQB classes as a means of "keeping our heads in the game" of the III, so we would not have to be distracted with a "day job", and that it would become our primary source of income since we would have to abandon our DC Metro business in order to travel.

Through the summer we have met hundreds of Patriots, trained, broken bread, and helped knit the fabric of the III a bit tighter, with more cohesion and better morale.  We have made allies, and we have made friends.

So, I want to say Thank You to all of the local hosts who took point and put classes together, dragged their teams and buddies for a day of twisting, bruising and contorting that isn't part of the typical weekend.

Fair Warning:  After Brock's PatCon the first weekend of October, Holly and I are going to return to our DC area home and pack up what we need to spend the winter in Idaho.  We've decided it is important for all of our III Projects that she and I lead from the front and walk the walk.  I know several other Patriots will be right on our heels.  They may not make it over the fall or winter, but that is only because it takes time to sell a current home, pack and move one's entire life.

If you are considering a CQB class, you need to touch base with me ASAP and let me know what weekend you have in mind.  Here's why: After Brock's place on the weekend of Oct. 4th, HK and I will be heading back to Maryland to fill a trailer and close the house up for the winter.

Right now a Patriot is trying to put together a class in Alabama on the weekend of the 19th.  So, that leaves the weekend of the 12th, 25th and MAYBE the Nov. 2 weekend.  I say maybe, because I want to be in Idaho on the weekend of the 1st.  But if your team is serious and that is the only weekend that works for you, so long as you are in the middle/southern/western part of the country, I'll help you make it happen.

Once Holly and I roll into Idaho in November, we will be putting down roots immediately.  We don't have the luxury of arriving much later than the weekend of Nov. 2nd.  We have plans for the winter and it will take a couple of weeks of hard work to make it all fall into place.

Holly and I have decided that we must lead from the front and get ourselves set-up this winter in our home state.  So, if you want us to train with your team, the window of opportunity is very narrow and it will be closed, probably for good, in about 5 weeks.  If you really want to train but getting a class organized is not in the cards for you - touch base with Brock and find a way to get to his PatCon.  This way you won't need to hit a minimum number of students, you'll get to train, and even more importantly, you will get to meet Brock and many great Patriots.  You can make the drive.

Time grows very short.  It is time that I put my wife in the most defensible position possible - and that is no longer on the east coast.  I think we can all feel the quickening.  Train with me now, while I am still available.



  1. K.
    I have recieved the funds for the canceled class here in Northern MI. You have recieved my offer for personal training. It remains on the table. I am right now hitting the PayPal button to DONATE $100. for your troubles. A big THANK-YOU comes from my heart.

    Jim NDV III

  2. I live in Texas and would love to take the cab course...


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