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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Back with a new word: Barry-cades

Concerned American

The day was a good day for Liberty.

Do not think the Other Side won't swing back.  They will.

I have asked recently if we had a Sam Adams out there, and today I watched two men rise to that level of patriotism.  They did some Spanking while others did some Flanking.  Flank & Spank (TM)

The Flank wasn't necessary.  When the enemy walks off the field, you win the battle.  Liberty won today.

There is more.  There is a LOT more.  CA was brilliant.  Alan Mullenax was at his shoulder and walking the walk that History will record.

Barry-cades were Returned to Sender.  They were picked up on the Mall and walked across the street and dropped at the front and back doors of the White House.

American Veterans and Patriots stepped up today.  Big time.

I am proud to be in such company.



  1. Said it several times before - they are barrycades, neither they nor him deserve to be proper nouns.

  2. The message was delivered.

    Unlike the Million Biker or the Million Trucker protest,

    the whole world got to watch this one.

  3. Glad to know you guys are safe and that nothing bad happened. I was praying for an uneventful day and by uneventful, I mean someone on their side doing something stupid. Oorah Patriots, Oo-fuckin-RAH!
    In Liberty,

  4. The images that I have seen of what happened in D.C. today made me very proud. To all that participated, y'all were awesome. THAT is how Americans get things done!
    Miss Violet

  5. Sam is too kind. There were scores of leaders today.

    I will tell you this - I saw the LGOP in action today: little groups of patriots, moving independently but cooperatively in line with the Commander's intent.


    And freedom.

    To all of us, every manjack and lady fair.

    We won today.

    More soon.


    1. LGOPs. a much forgotten acronym. Something dear to my heart. AIRBORNE!

      Jim NDV III

  6. Great work! Proud to know you all!

    Bill Nye


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