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Monday, October 14, 2013

Polygonal Battlespace

At the front door of the White House, Vets & other Patriots returned a few misplaced barricades they found littering the Mall.  Another pile was deposited at the back door.  The message is clear, and direct.  The optics suck for the regime.  Once Vets and other Patriots began marching on the White House with Barry-cades in hand, every option on the table sucked from the regime perspective.  They chose the least-damaging political resolution.  It became clear to us that the regime never once considered that the Vets and other Patriots scheduled for the WWII Memorial would come to the White House.

They were flat-footed, under-staffed, and nervous.

Military Vets are not a Tea Party gathering of old blue-hairs sitting in lawn chairs at a small community park.  Tacti-Cool geared cops who suffer from over-nourishment (thanks Jeremiah!) and an extra X chromosome learned yesterday that they are not the hardest Team in the polygonal battlespace.  Not even close.  As tensions peaked, they stood down when faced with passionate Vets and other Patriots who dared challenge their diktats.  There was a deliberate tactical decision taken somewhere in their ranks for a strategic purpose - because they came to understand that if things escalated much more and things were to grow sporty - they were too few with too little.

That was a moment to behold.  The crowd cheered as the King's Men left the field.

Even Kings bleed.

And make no mistake, if you continue to work for the machine that is grinding Americans, you have chosen your team - and we are watching.  We will remember.  Making lists is not a one-way street. "Just following orders..." will not be accepted.  Apologizing is futile.  You will be judged for the injury you have inflicted as you "...just did your job..." and infringed the Rightful Liberty of your Countrymen.

Jim Miller and I watched the events with a wide view of the field.  Alan and CA and JX (a friend of CA's who I will not name, not sure how out he is online) were in the front ranks, pressing the message of the day.  They were shoulder-to-shoulder with several hundred others who have grown agitated with the oppression coming from Washington.  Yes, 'agitation' is the proper word.  Had this group of Vets and Patriots been 'Pissed off', there would have been a much different discussion yesterday.  You must understand this group of Vets and Patriots know how to shoot, move and communicate.  Many of them understand incoming hostile fire, and close-quarters interpersonal disagreement resolution.  They do not rattle when a thug in a riot helmet makes a mean face or uses his big-boy voice.

Yesterday was a necessary step in the fight for Liberty.

Yesterday the rattlesnake signaled its only warning.

We were in DC, but remember the fight for each Patriot is in his own AO.  Local, local, local.  You will not need to travel far from your front door to find Evil and engage.  Making noise in DC offers important images and words needed for the fighters who seek Restoration of Liberty.  As it did yesterday, it also offered a morale boost and a bit more open recognition of the illegitimacy that covers the Enemies of Liberty.  But images of Americans kicking orange cones aside and hiking on 'closed' trails across the country are just as important. 





  1. It would have been epic is all the vets showed up with the t-shirt that said "This is the last time we come unarmed"

  2. "the crowd cheered as the kings men left the field" LOL. I'm chompin at the bit waiting for the North American Liberty Games to begin. Lots of evil around me up me. New evil every weekend. I'm gonna show the "evil" what uncle sam taught me down in Central America during the 80's. It's soon to be payback time.

  3. I heard in 1 of the videos from near the white house someone say "you should have brought more" (paraphrased, but the message was clear). It would seem the gestapo thugs (wisely) got that same message.

  4. I had every intention of meeting you in DC but came back from PatCon with a chestful of congestion that is finally abating. Glad you guys were there. Happy it went down as it did.

  5. It was a tense 5 minutes or so. When they did the left face, forward march and the crowd parted to let them go, It smelled like... victory.

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=waLJii_RrXs#t=363

    Replace Qaddafi with Obama, and 'terrorist' with 'progressive/liberal'.

  7. In March 1917 the Tsarist soldiers shot down women and children in Petrograd; but night they resolved they would not do so again. About a week later the Tsar was unemployed (The communists came only months later). Police have their chance to come over now. By the way, notice some of them had light blue helmets?


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