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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

California Sheriff's Deputies Shoot, Kill 13-Year-Old

From WiscoDave:

How many of the people reading this blog were walking around the neighborhood when they were 13 years old, carrying a real handgun or rifle?  I know I did.  No one lost their minds.  I was one of many.  Granted, I was in a county populated by farmers, watermen, hunters and other folks still possessed common sense.

When children are being murdered in the street by uniformed members of Government, under color of law, for carrying plastic toys, it is time for a re-boot in our society.  The boy was walking down the street.  He was not, obviously, shooting anyone.  He was no threat. 

Where I grew up, if something like this had happened, the LEO involved would be treated as the threat and handled accordingly.  They would have been met at their homes by real men who don't tolerate animals in society.  The cop shop would have been burned to the ground.  The next person wearing a badge in the county would understand that children are off limits.  The next person who wore a badge would understand that they work for a community that will not hesitate to put his dead carcass under the corn.

I wonder if those times, those men, are gone forever...

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  1. About 5 years ago, my (then 12 yr old) little brother and his buddies decided it would be a good idea to borrow all my airsoft guns and play shoot-em-up at the middle school.

    Someone called it in, cruisers surrounded the school and conducted a coordinated vehicular rush onto the campus. All the buddies ran, but my brother was caught on the roof.

    He got a good scolding that day, and I suppose they are all lucky to be alive. All it takes is for one cop to "fear for his life" and it's game over.

    Keep in mind this city has been ranked the #1 safest city in the nation many a time.

  2. I wonder if this was one of those 3 second thinngs between the order to drop it and the shot fired.

    If that were to happen to my child...my wife would kiss me bye and tell me to get those bastards as she handed me a lunch sack.

    As far as could we see times like those from our youth, unless we have justice and accountability like in those days, then no we will not.

  3. The country has gone batshit crazy. In the 70s we all had bb guns across the handlebars of our bikes then in high school everyone had gun racks in their trucks. You would have a shot gun in the rack and park your truck at the burger joint and leave it with windows down and the keys in the truck. No issues. America is now in name only. Long gone.

  4. Nothing will happen to the Cops...city might get sued for $$$$$$$ if the boys family has $$$$$ to file the lawsuit.

  5. I saw 4 preteens carrying their pellet guns walking down the sidewalk in a nice neighbordood just last week. Did my heart good.

  6. And the press, along with the planted and/or pre-screened cackling "callers-in", is in expected high gear with the "in this day and age" and "parents need to be taken to the woodshed for letting" and on and on with the usual exactly-pansy-ass-backwards take on the whole thing. "How have we, as a society, not given LEO the tools it needs to properly identify and respond etc..." WTF? GOO-jail-free-card much? How about speaking reasonably of "necktie party" or "windchimes" and such? Have we even got the names yet, or are they as usual the protected class?

  7. Ladies and Gentlemen this shit is real. These air soft guns come standard with a flourescent orange tip. Problem is kids paint them black for concealment when playing. Makes sense right? WRONG! We all know that when we are looking down the barrel of a gun its "go time". We all train for it. If you dont then guess I'm the fucked up one.

    I carry every day possible where the law applies. I carry a 1911 concealed. I was working at my old job on a Saturday. It was broad daylight not a cloud in the sky. 2 weeks prior, our office was broken into so my condition was orange upon pulling into the lot. As I was getting out of my car I saw a person in all black come around the building and hide with his back against the wall. He then began to brandish a firearm. My 1911 was on its way out of the holster while disengaging the safety when he turned enough to see the orange tip.

    Safety on.
    Holstered weapon.
    Life saved.

    If you see or know someone that has kids, tell them to keep the orange as is. Have them do what ever it takes to make it look like an air soft gun. I dont condone LEO shooting up the world under te guise of a badge, but I could understand why.

    In Liberty,

  8. When I read what happened I didn't see any mention of what caused them to arrive where the kid(s) were playing? Who called on these kid(s)? What threat were these kid(s)? Tip or no tip, I have a kid this age and there would be nothing keeping me from taking my anger and loss out on these fools. To the ends of the earth. To serve and protect my ass. Not a day goes by I don't hear about the increasing authoritarian state growing and moving closer to home. From what I've seen, it doesn't knock first.

    1. I read in one of the articles it was a routine patrol car that just happened to drive by, then looped in behind the kid. There may be more details out now.


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