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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Northern Virginia showing its Blue

Virginia is essentially two different states - northern Virginia is tied to the DC political machine and votes Blue.  The rest of the state is essentially red.  In Woodbridge, Virginia a woman was facing a gang of 10 teens, at least one of which was putting his hands upon her daughter.  The woman pulled her pistol and fired into the air, and the animals scattered, as is prudent when you suddenly find an angry mother holding a firearm when you are up to no good with her daughter.

LEO arrested the woman.  The government of the county, which is growing more Blue every day, takes the position that the woman had no right to fire into the air.  They cited gravity as the reason - "What goes up must come down, and when the bullet falls it could hurt someone..."

I sh*t thee not, that is the reason they offered.

What about the people about to be hurt by a pack of 10 animalistic boys - the woman and her daughter?  Should she have instead put a round into the boy?  That would have surely eliminated the risk to bystanders.  Should she have waited until she or her daughter were punched?  Not a good strategy to take a punch from a boy who is younger/stronger/faster and hope you stay upright, and hope it doesn't start a swarm reflex in his 9 buddies.

Most of you reading this story are the choir, preaching to you changes nothing.  But the story is another example of just how Evil the people who would have you bend knee are in their hearts.  They must be removed from the controls of society.  They must no longer retain the power to arrest a woman in these circumstances.

The end of the article is troubling.  While the woman was in custody, her daughter went missing.  Did she simply run away?  Did her attackers find her, this time without her mother and her mother's pistol?  If she turns up dead, is there a single person reading this blog who does not think the LEO who arrested her, the prosecutor who is on the case, the politicians who passed the insane statutes, and the bureaucrats in-between are not as equally guilty of murder as the animal that kills her?

They are all guilty.  Their actions left a girl defenseless and subject to the whims of animals.  If the girl is hurt, they all should hang.  If she is not hurt, they should hang anyway, for enforcing unconstitutional laws that left her in jeopardy.

They are not innocents.

Here's the piece.



  1. Wheres the 300 when you need them...This is going to get worse...They are slowing drawing the net tighter and tighter...As long as there is no consequences to bad behavior it will continue to grow...

  2. Here in Phoenix, discharges into the air do violate a specific law, enacted after a death linked to celabratory gunfire.
    Perhaps she should have chosen the assailant as the appropriate backstop. Saftety First!


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