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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Would ObamaCare delay kill it?

The chatter in DC is whether or not to delay the penalties on Citizens because of the roll-out cluster-foxtrot.

There are two arguments taking shape.  First, a delay would so gut the legitimacy of the program that people will never enroll, thus starving it to death and giving politicians cover to repeal or simply ignore the law.  Second, there are those who think the roll-out SNAFU is merely another planned part of moving toward a single-payer system.  That logic follows: If companies drop policies in sufficient numbers, causing a "national emergency" because those people can't enroll in the exchanges, legislation (or Executive Order) would pop up to create a single-payer system, the ultimate goal of the Left all along.

Given the heartburn happening now in Dem circles, one must think the roll-out mess is genuine.  But such opportunities can be capitalized upon on the fly.  Reports from DC that Dems facing 2014 elections are open to delays, which means they understand if ObamaCare is an issue again in 2014, it will go badly for them.  In some matters a window of opportunity is finite.  The Left needs to get ObamaCare up and running and cemented in place before the general public, including the Left, simply dismisses its legitimacy.

One thing is certain: People are going to die in the turmoil being created as a direct result of FedGov meddling in healthcare.  Dead people, however, do not bother power-hungry Leftists seeking to fundamentally transform America.

When a man or woman denies your ability to see your doctor or receive proper care, the matter becomes one of self defense.  No person is entitled to kill you through proxy - whether that proxy is a SWAT Team or simply denial of service regarding your health.

Removal from the controls of society.  The question, Alex: What is the only remedy to America's problems?

The only alternative is death, on their terms.

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  1. I haven't been getting too wrapped up in the whole O'care thing because the way I see it it is going to die with the dollar anyway. But if you want to get rid of it I think full implementation would be the best way to get it done. O'care for everyone, on time, no waivers, no exemptions, no exceptions. Delaying it will only give the roots time to grow.

    David Martin


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