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Monday, October 28, 2013


Anybody have experience with the Skorpyd Ventilator?

How about reverse draw technology in general?

Any insights?



  1. Crossbows are nice and all but in practicality, bit of a pain in the ass.. the term KISS comes into mind... Keep it simple stupid. Or is it Keep it stupid simple.... oh well
    On a crossbow you have to stop, pull the string back, mount the bolt... find your target, aim at your target, and release.....

    Compound or long-bow. you can do all those things at once.. Plus the arrows are longer meaning more mass behind pushing the broad-head into your target. It's probably quieter too.


    1. The main "advantage" in a crossbow; less actual training is required to be proficient in their use. It takes more skill (practice) to use a long bow effectively.

      I agree with Knob, a good long bow, or compound bow if that is your preference, has more advantages once the proper skills in their use are learned.

      I may be a little biased in my opinion on this matter. I was taught from a very young age to shoot on a simple re-curve bow. No compounds or crossbows involved, nothing more then a "bow and arrow". The use of a Long Bow came a little later in my youth, as did the costs.

  2. this summs it up... watch her right hand and how its positioned.



  3. There is an arrowhead out there called toxic...Try them out...


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