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Monday, October 21, 2013

Dollar: Marked for Death

I met Holly 12 years ago.  A gallon of gasoline was under a dollar, somewhere near $.90/per.  In a dozen years it has jumped nearly 400%

Butter is running $3.99 per pound at the grocery store right now.  I was paying $1.50 before the meltdown in 2008.  That is more than 250% in 5-6 years.

The policies that have made all of this come to pass are not being changed, or seriously considered, in Washington.  Indeed, the people who have the ability to change this pattern are encouraging more of the same.  We all have seen the graphic showing all US debt from Washington (George) to Bush (George) is about equal to the debt generated by President Obama in just his few years in power. 

Regardless of why you think these people will continue the current course, it is obvious they will continue.  Mark Farber anticipates $1 trillion per month in printing from the Fed.  Remember the wheelbarrow filled with German 'money' to buy a loaf of bread?  We are on that path and it will not change in my lifetime (except by implosion).

So, how are you preparing for life in which the dollar bill carries no value?  Are you still in digital dollars, which can (and will) be taken with the stroke of a keyboard?  You are in a 401K?  Do you really think you'll ever have those dollars to use?  Gold and silver are good bets at first blush, but if you are buying gold and silver you must be anticipating complete government destruction.  The danger in the gold/silver strategy lies in the death throes of the dollar and .gov - before .gov and the dollar die completely, there will be wealth confiscations and owning gold/silver will be criminalized.  And no, you will not operate on the sly - FSA and Useful Idiots will report you for nothing more than an extra bread chit.

The question is rhetorical, no need to reveal your plans here for the world.  But it is a reality you will face in this lifetime.  A $100 bill will buy far less than it would buy just 6 years ago.  It will buy considerably less 6 years from now - assuming the system is still grinding forward.  As we near the event horizon your dollars will not be accepted for food, water, bullets or protection from Bad People.

I still believe that lead is the new gold.  I suggest you invest every dollar available (above what you must have to keep the lights on each month) into the items that will keep you alive, and the widgets you will need to defend those items.  Food (in all forms, especially seed), water, barter items, and 2A tools to keep all of this in your possession.  Other people will seek to take it from you.  Hungry people are dangerous animals.  When a child is hungry, parents will do what they must to feed that child, and they will rationalize any behavior to keep the nightmares of guilt from their dreams.

It is easy to talk tough from a keyboard with the lights on and airplanes still in the sky.  It will be quite different when the lights go off, planes fall from the skies, and every crackling twig makes your grip a bit tighter on your AR.

Get straight now, while it is still easy.

The dollar will fail in your lifetime as the medium for acquiring what you need to live.  It will probably happen soon, and it will be abrupt, without warning.  (What is happening now IS your warning.)



  1. Amen brother...People need to realize the only people that care if they live or die is themselves and their loved ones...

  2. Mr. K. , I fear we are ' as the voice of one crying in the wilderness ' . This is a country that bought over 500,000 Ford Pinto's AFTER it was proven that they were rolling fire bombs. The rest of their money went for the purchase of over a million ' Pet Rocks ' . It's said that Jesus made the blind to see and the lame to walk .... but not even HE would try to fix stupid . All who are going to defend themselves in this place have already made preparations . The rest ( as far as I'm concerned ) are on their own .

  3. "when a child is hungry..." Not my fukkn problem. Why are asswipes still popping out babies? can they not see they cannot afford them? I have no sympathies for them at this point. They have seen the direction things are headed and they still CHOOSE to procreate. I know the bleeding hearts are gonna give me hell for this comment. "oh the poor children, how can you be so cruel?" The idiot parents who CHOOSE to have babies in a depression deserve their misery. It's their fault, not anyone elses. lead and copper (and starvation) do wonders to rid the world of idiots.

  4. Anon,
    I think you miss the point. Hungry parents of hungry children will feed those children, by "any means necessary." I'm sure a big, tough fella like you can take down two or three with your bare hands, and 10-20 with a good rifle.
    They won't want your sympathy, nor your decision that it is their fault... all they will want is your food. I think K's point is there will be a lot of hungry, insane people; and that is what you need to prepare to deal with. And even then, if 100 of them choose to come at you together, game over.
    They time for tossing blame is over: it's clear who's "fault" this whole mess is... and it's also clear we cannot stop the train wreck. The time for internet tough-talk is also over. Sure, we are all ready to shoot someone to save our food... are we? Our time dwindles.


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