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Monday, October 21, 2013

Local, Local, Local...

All politics are local.  Fixing local politics will be a local piece of work.  No matter where you live in America, you have Evil operating in your AO.  You will not need to travel to engage.

There is a quiet migration taking place among the Liberty Class.  Patriots are moving from deep behind enemy lines to AOs with more favorable odds.  Not all Patriots, obviously, but a modest percentage.  And more would do so if financially able.  Other Patriots refuse to leave their homes. 

I welcome both strategies.  Folks in the Houston AO have benefited recently from this migration, as at least one Patriot family left Southern California to the animals and added to the Patriot ranks in Houston.  There is a significant move toward Idaho as well.  This move is quiet, beneath the radar, as families are selling their current homes and heading to the Redoubt.  Good, solid families with high moral standards and patriotic blood are moving, and bringing businesses with them.  This isn't making news.  These individual stories won't be blasted on blogs.  Patriots are putting their backs against one another in anticipation of the coming Liberty Games.

Brock and many good, solid Patriots call North Carolina home.  To that end Brock posted about a nearly 10 acre parcel that is available for a bargain in his state.  If you are thinking of heading to a more defensible AO that has others in residence who think as do you, consider North Carolina if Idaho is too cold and snowy, or Texas is too hot.  America is a big, beautiful and bountiful country, there is a place for every baby bear seeking a place that is just right to call home.

If you intend to fight where you are, dig in and lay-in your final preps.  If you plan to relocate before things get sporty, your time is drawing short.  Either way, secure as many allies as possible wherever you plan to meet the future, and brace for impact.

Here's the link to Brock's place and the property in North Carolina.

Get ready, folks.  The Enemies of Liberty are on the move, right now.


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