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Friday, October 11, 2013

Hey, Rand Paul folks...

From Bill's place, here.

If you place your trust in ANY of these people, you will be very lucky to be gassed to death in a camp early in the North American Liberty Games, Episode III.

Silly rabbit, politicians and bureaucrats are for fertilizer...

Here's the link.  Listen with your own ears.  There WILL be spin out of the Paul camp by end-of-day about how it was "Out of context" and such.  Believe what you will, your lyin' eyes and ears, or...



  1. All the poliTICians are scum of the earth. In the New Republic term limits are a MUST to help control these worm weasels.
    Miss Violet

  2. Funny you should mention fertilizer . . .
    There is a new method for disposal of animal carcasses down on the farm, called "alkaline hydrolysis". Say you had to put a critter down. It might be a predator, say, or a wild hog or a small dead elephant or rhino or jackass. Whatever - it needed killin'!
    Here's how to build your very own EPC-III (expedient pig cooker) system. Get a container with a volume capacity of 12.6 cubic feet (100 gallons). Add the critter, weighing up to 280 pounds, into the container, and make up the following recipe (all ratios by weight): 60% water to 40% critter, flake potassium hydroxide (KOH) at 90% concentration to equal 11% of the weight of the critter. Add heat and simmer for about 18 hours. Time can be reduced as temperature increases - if you have an ASME-rated pressure vessel (they can be found if you look around). At 15 psig, cook the critter at 300 degrees, and be done in 5 or 6 hours.
    There are several advantages. The equipment is man-portable, field substitutions can be made on the fly, and it all can be handled by one tight-lipped person. The farm may be in a rocky location where digging is difficult. Down in the sand counties, digging a hole might be quicker, but then roaming dogs (leashed or otherwise) might go to digging that dead critter up. There is little or no smell to bother the neighbors, and when you're done, you have a brown liquid that is great for pouring on your flowers! Nothing is left but a chemical soup and some mineral ash that is great fertilizer! No cell structures, no disease organisms, no DNA even!
    For further reading:


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