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Thursday, October 31, 2013

I found a Unicorn

The Sheriff released a guy who had been arrested for carrying a firearm.  The Sheriff's position was that the Second Amendment trumped bad gun laws.

Florida prosecuted him.  Imagine that.

The jury told Florida to suck wind, and sent the Sheriff back to work.

For anyone keeping score - that's ONE genuine OathKeeper.

Here's the link.



  1. Fucking-A RIGHT. It's about time common sense prevailed. This man should run for a much higher office. Say maybe President? Let's give B O (Body Oder) a ticket to justice and replace him with a Real American.

    Jim NDV III

  2. I hope he gets re-elected, I would vote for him

  3. That's the best news that we need to hear right now. I thought they were going to throw the book at this gentleman just to make an example out of him.
    This man has a spine!!

  4. maybe there ARE some who understand that they indict themselves should they decide to undermine our Constitution... props to them as well as Sheriff Finch for their united stand against the shielded thugs... if it was in any way possible, I'd suspend the real perps in this crime, without pay, force them into classes on our Constitution and not reinstate them until they can successfully pass a test on it... no pass, no job


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