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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Silliness Disposed & Dismissed, time for real business to resume...

Holly and I are continuing to get ready for our winter in Benewah County, looking forward to the people, the snow, and the business we intend to open to help settle the III in town before other Pioneer Patriots arrive in the spring.

Dust-ups like that of the last few days will happen time and again, as losers in life seek to prevent our success.  Such inferior people will always be handled the same - dismissed as irrelevant.  Their bullhorns reach a very small piece of the internet, affecting little.  Like this time, good people will always exit the process stronger than before.

Holly and I intend to open a wonderful studio on Main Avenue this winter.  Other companies already planning to come to the county include firearms manufacturers, ammunition factories, retail gun shops complete with full lines of outstanding gear, a brewery, a Farmers Market is in the plans and many other useful businesses and services for the town of St. Maries.  More businesses mean more jobs and economic growth!

Keep tuning into this blog for updates about coming new friends and neighbors.

The world beyond the beautiful state of Idaho is in the grips of dangerous trends that effect education and economy, politics and more.  Only by building a strong, self-reliant town with good jobs and healthcare and people in important roles, like Sheriff Resser, can St. Maries not only survive, but prevail.

We look forward to being your neighbors and partners.


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  1. Welcome to Idaho brother.Wife and I are next door in Latah county.Good to know you are around the bend.Be safe and God Bless!!


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