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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blogrolls & Reciprocity

Hey folks,

I am going through my blogrolls through the end of the week.  I'll only be keeping those links of people who return the favor.

If you want a link from here, please set me up on your page.  If you have me on your page and I don't have you here, please zip me an email so I can add your site.



  1. I got you covered and you have me listed. Thanks

  2. Since the inception of The Steel Ibeam, I have always been a supporter. It is these current days that I am blessed to call you my friend and would gladly stand by you. In short, I drank the Kerodin Koolaid long ago and it has only gotten better through the years. Cheers mayte and tell Lois hello for me...maybe even give her a hug. She seems depraved of hugs.
    In Liberty,


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