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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SOG TigerShark

Anybody have any experience with the SOG TigerShark?

Cold Steel has discontinued their San Mai III Tanto line, which is the fighting knife of choice in the Kerodin household.  Since Cold Steel has NOTHING that comes close to the Tanto as a Tier 1 blade, I need a replacement.

I like my KABAR, but it too was discontinued.

The Cold Steel Tier 2&3 blades are good for their purpose - but not what my go-to blade must be.

Any insights to the TigerShark?  It has a 9" blade and serrations - both requirements.  It lacks my tanto point, but I'll just have to deal.

Time to get serious and design my own fighting blade, huh?

Here's the webpage for the TigerShark.



  1. Check out mercworx knives...They have a pretty nice tanto...

  2. Nope. Sorry...don't have any experience with that one, but if you'd like to consider an alternative, try the Bark River Bravo 2.


    Bomb proof. Good fighter; good general purpose knife, and not too terribly expensive. We've been testing the Bravo 1.5 in the field now for about a year, and it and its big brother are proving to be very reliable general purpose fighters and survival blades.

  3. All I found negative was about the finish.

  4. I don't know if they still make em, but try the becker bk-9. Has a 9" blade clip point no serrations but they can be added if you know anyone who is good with a file. Comes with a decent sheath and 1" companion skeleton blade good for fire starters and a compartment that fits two mag. fire starters. It will fit a 2" belt. It is a very fine blade, I own the bk-7 and use it everytime I am outdoors..."long live the III"
    Eric Terry Aurora,CO.

  5. the clip point is nice, the material of the blade is really good as most SOGS are, but the finish is different,

    this is Bill from Wisconsin BTW

  6. Better Loctite all those tiny little screws. Hand guard seems very thin. I myself don't like serrated blades. I could see this blade, being 9" a fairly good camp/survival knife....For a fighting knife I would prefer a double edge dagger or karambit. Of course I carry a larger knife on my pack. But if I was in an actual knife fight, give me a dagger..Just my opinion though and who am I to say what you should use. I am nobody.

  7. MercWorx. Kickass blades. Pricey though. Still saving up for mine.

  8. Oh Alan, those are beautiful knives. My eyes went right to the Shiva and small Shiva. Like you said though a little pricey. Kerodin they even have a Tanto Chili knife you might like..Thanks Alan for the link.

  9. It's not in SanMai, but Cold Steel has put the new "Chaos Tanto" up. It's in SK-5 steel. 7 1/2" blade. Also trench knife inspired...




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