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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Krav Maga: First class AAR

A fellow Patriot just attended his first Krav Maga class, and sent me a report. 

This particular Patriot understands the importance of being able to fight at very close quarters, and that it is merely one aspect of an entire skillset that ranges from empty hands to knives, handguns and rifles, which is all but a subset of one's needed overall knowledge for the upcoming North American Liberty Games. 

Every Patriot needs a full package of skills, and time is short.  None of us have the time to become a proficient SF explosives expert, nor could we ever become so unless we enlist and live the life of a SF explosives expert.  None of us can ever match the ju-jutsu skills of a Gracie, because we were not raised from the age of toddlers in a Gracie dojo.  Very few non-military snipers will ever have the shooting abilities of a trained military sniper, and even if a civilian manages to teach himself to shoot that well, how many hours has he trained in moving in hostile territory?  How many hours has he trained in a ghillie?  And how many times has he put that training to the test in real life?  Don't set your goal of becoming a super-ninja - it is too high, time is too short, and that window of opportunity has passed for most of us.

Like the Patriot who sent me this AAR, you should seek as much training as possible, from the best teachers you can find - and understand that every skill is just one arrow in the quiver.

Here's his AAR.  I hope all of you fare as well:

There were four of us first timers. About twelve in the class. Three very serious looking guys in the course.

After warmup with pushups, situps, running a bit, the first exercise was to simply grab your opponent's wrist/arm with both hands. Object is to move about and not allow them to grab yours. I got one guy, but NOBODY could grab mine. Everyone tried, FAIL. Thanks to you. Heh. Your III CQB course rocks.

We hit the focus mitts for a while, then practiced escaping from a two handed choke from behind. (Defense: arms up quickly, hands strike down behind the head onto the hands targeting their thumbs, drag their arm down while simultaneously stepping a bit sideways, sweep arm (that was dragging down opponents arm) directly backwards into groin, followed by upward elbow into jaw, spin into opponent striking head/neck with forearm, controlling attacker by one hand on upper back of arm, striking arm pulling opponent down while kneeing attacker in the head (or groin if he tried to stand up).

Hope that made sense.

Then front kicks to the groin, both rear leg (power) and front leg (to injure/distract while you step in and clobber him with elbows and knees combinations.

Then more focus mitts for 1 minute straight, then change sides, lather rinse repeat for 5 minutes...and then hard knees into opponents midsection (you held a big pad) for 30 seconds straight each leg. I chose one of the serious guys for these, he could knee kick so hard I saw stars when his 30 seconds was over. He said that I could kick like a mule, but that's because I was trying to pay him back. I definitely got more than I gave, but it was my first time. Just wait, Mister Serious Looking Man...

Then partner up with focus pads; the overhead lights got turned way down, like nightfall, and flashing strobes like you were standing next to a LEO car. That screwed with my depth perception but I think that was the goal.

Then close one eye and do more. Then the other eye. Yep, that was the goal.

I was totally gassed after the hour was over.

And totally hooked.


Find the skills you need, folks - then get as much as possible, right up to the moment the festivities begin.  You will be tested on the job if you are a Patriot.


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  1. I took a beginners class about a year ago. I'm over fifty, over weight. And managed to finish the class. It kicked my butt. I have some knee issues at the moment, but will get into some of their other classes. Just to start to get back in shape.
    It is well worth it to me.


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