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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hubris versus Reality

Every time I read "4GW" in a Liberty blog I throw up a little in my mouth.

Mosby tackles the issue, as part of a larger message: You need skills that you probably do not have.

Why do I hate the 4GW language?  Because it is a fancy label placed on a simple topic.  Far too often we like to dress-up what we do to make it seem romantic, heroic, or beyond the capabilities of our neighbor.  4GW is such.  "Low Intensity Conflict" is such. "Martial Arts" is such.  Even the word "Combatives" and the "CQB" tag get pretty close to the same arena.

I tell my fellow Patriots when I teach to be careful and do not let the application of a technique (say a rear choke) blind them from the obvious solution (like picking up a brick and slamming it into the other guy's face).  Killing a man is no harder than walking to him and pushing a knife into his body at a vulnerable point.  It is no more sophisticated than shooting him in the back.  Hit him with a Chevrolet, at high speed, while accelerating.  Punch him firstest with the mostest.  Don't announce that you intend to sneak up on someone - it ruins the surprise.

Do not over-think such things.  If you do not have X skillset, go find someone who has it and is willing to help.  Just be careful not to let it go to your head.

Here's the Mosby piece.


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  1. I just set that pic as my background. I love it.

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