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Monday, October 28, 2013

My recent email to a few of you...

First, thank you to all who have responded.  You are more than allies.  I do not use the word "friend" lightly or often, but you are friends.  For those who are/were able to assist, thank you.  For those who were not, no worries at all, believe me I get it.

Anyone on that list who is able, we haven't reached our goals yet.  That burden doesn't fall to you, just a heads-up that we could use more help.  Holly and I will be responding to you all personally in the next few days.

It is possible we may have to reach a wider audience by using the blog, time will tell.  When you make it to Idaho, be ready to be our guests.  Be ready to train.  Bring your Tribe.  We'll do all we can do to get you all up to speed.

For those who don't understand this post, please bear with me.  I have found the best way to communicate with my allies is here.

Stay safe, folks.  The world is spinning faster and the Enemies of Liberty are on the march.  You are in their way.  If possible, come to Idaho and stand with your back against mine.  If you intend to stay where you are, several of us are working out protocols to get to you, either with manpower or supplies.

**NOTE**  A very special call to those of you who are Tribe Elders: We are developing a protocol for communicating over long distances and building our network.  It is imperative that even though we may be separated by hundreds, and thousands of miles, that we have command-level comms.  Some will be old-school.  Some will be creative new-school.  We don't have anything more at the moment than a few rough ideas, but with the addition of men like Sam Culper, we can get this done.

One thing on my personal agenda: Combat Medical Operators.  This is a topic I have a personal, life-long interest in becoming proficient.  I want to establish a method of getting one combat medic in each Tribe, a person who is able to cross-train other members of your team.  This process does not require high-level CommSec, but I will ask Sam C. if he can/will help us establish a suitiable methodology to communicate, then I will set about establishing a training program.  Coming to each unit may be too complicated - perhaps establishing a training center in which your Combat Medic attends is the answer.  These are topics we will have to discuss in the near future.

Suggestions welcome: K@Kerodin.com

Stay safe.



  1. We have an RN as a recent addition to our little band down Texas way. Will pass this along...

  2. Battlefield medicine is something I know.


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