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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rightful Liberty: Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock

How many felonies would you commit if you decided to live in a state of Rightful Liberty for one single day?

Think about it for a moment.  Think of all the things you do every single day for which you must first acquire permission - whether it is riding a motorcycle, installing a light socket to pay your bills as a "Licensed" electrician, owning a SMG noise muffler, taking a pill for pain.  If you refuse to acquire the proper permission slips, how many of the things you do every day are outright felonies, or may rise to the level of a felony at the will and whim of LEO, a magistrate, prosecutor or some bureaucrat?

Think of all things forever forbidden to you and your children, for no permission slip exists.

How many felonies would you commit just getting through a single day of doing what you want to do, within the parameters of Rightful Liberty?  How many felonies, therefore, stand between you and Rightful Liberty - a state of Liberty that is gifted by your Creator and denied to you by men with pens and guns.

How long will you permit men to stand between you and that which was gifted to you by your Creator?  How long will you tolerate men who interfere with the sacred relationship between you and your Creator?  How long will you disrespect and insult your Creator by allowing men to deny His gifts to you?

In the past we discussed a few of the Universal Laws under which Nature and Man operate.  Add to those discussions the awareness of patterns.  There are patterns in Nature and Man, and among men.  Learn the patterns and you can learn to avoid certain errors and how to influence certain outcomes.

Two martial equals will usually kill one another if they fight.

Two equals in tic-tac-toe will always play to a draw.

Two equals who know one another will usually play to a draw in rock-paper-scissors .

And even when the game is made more complex and nuanced, such as rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock, two equally adept players who know one another well will usually play to a draw.

The patterns and rules that have been constructed by Evil men for their advantage (and that of their genetic and ideological posterity) in life can be gamed if you learn the patterns and then use that knowledge to your advantage.  Learn the patterns, identify the tools they use to manipulate you, then invoke your Sun Tzu and Musashi and attack in a place, manner and time where your enemy does not defend.  Military folks will call this f'ng up his OODA loop.  Most people just call it common sense.

But how does the American who was born into this system of rules and conditioned every day of his life break out of the paradigm and into Rightful Liberty?  Hint: You do not build a Ma Deuce in your basement and then go riding with it on an unregistered motorcycle as Step One.  Not one of us remembers an America without NFA.  Most of us are conditioned from our earliest years to covet the day we can go and receive permission to drive - to exercise the Right of locomotion.  Most of us know the phrase tax cheat is received by most people as an epithet.  This is all conditioning by Evil men, institutionalized across generations.

First you must understand that what you want is yours to begin with, what you are being denied is your birthright, and that morally you are entitled to reach for it, possess it, and use it.  That is where you must begin, by embracing that you are being wronged, and that you have a moral Right to end the abuse.  And dismiss that Moral High Ground silliness - you have a Right to your Rights by any means necessary.  The man between you and your Natural Rights is a man who chooses to stand in a perilous place. F' him.

Once you have embraced that you are morally right to pursue and take possession of your Rights, start small.  One does not watch a DVD, call that training, then step into an MMA ring.  Even the most elite men in our military are not on leave at home on Friday at a BBQ, HALO jumping into the Bin Laden compound on Saturday, and back home for Sunday dinner.  There is a process generically known as "Clicking On" in which even the most highly trained fighters methodically ramp up in preparation for a piece of work, an ever-increasing isolation and focus that pares away everyone and every thing except the Team and the Mission.  And once the mission is over, there is a ramping down, a deliberate process to "Click Off" so that the Operator doesn't double-tap his father-in law simply for waving a steak knife around at the dinner table.

(Those of you familiar with the world of martial Japanese arts know the "Clicked On" state of mind as Zanshin.  There may be many years between your first brush with Zanshin until you feel it again, but as you train, it comes easier.  If you are truly gifted and dedicated, there will come a time when Zanshin is your default, running silently in the background of your awareness, ready to come into focus at will.  Being "Clicked On" is not genuine Zanshin, obviously, but it is a fundamentally efficient simile for the purposes of fighters.)

This ramping up/down conditioning is not only in the military community on a mission-by-mission basis.  Soldiers do not leave Fallujah today and get on a Greyhound for home in Topeka tomorrow - they ramp down through several deliberate, refined steps before returning to the world.  Nor is this conditioning process exclusive to the military.  Prisoners who are due to be released may begin the process of "stepping down" several years before they are to be released.  They are transferred to prisons that are less hostile and dangerous until they are ultimately sent to a "half-way house".  You do not go from a High Security prison where every hour is capable of being violently your last, to being released at Denny's.  The Human animal is not equipped for such rapid decompressions.

Knowing that .gov employs this particular process is good information to have - because it may allow you, perhaps, an insight to their thinking and their likely actions at some future time or during some future event in which you must anticipate their actions.

So, how does one break down the artificial barriers that have been in place since birth and re-enforced through life, barriers that have the singular function of keeping you from daring to reach for your Natural Rights?  We have spoken before of training by choosing a particular misdemeanor every day and violating it.  Violating it without getting caught is valuable as training for tactics and strategy.  However, the more important value, is that such violations help re-wire your brain and condition your psyche to become comfortable in daring to go where you have not gone before - into the realm of criminal.  Train, and ramp up until you are free.

Max has suggested you begin simply by "Standing Up" - what John Parker phrased as "Stand your ground."  That is as good a place to begin as any.  Then begin using the word "No" more often.

Face this fact: Evil men have criminalized Liberty.

You can not live at Liberty in America today without becoming a criminal.

You will never know Liberty in America without dismissing many laws, committing many felonies, and being willing to physically fight the men who mean to stand between you and your Creator.

You'd better begin ramping up.

You'd better begin to Click-On.

Every day.  Every single day you must become harder, smarter, less affected by the taunt of Criminal!  You must become immune to the stigma of their labels.  You must take more responsibility for your own Liberty, for it is your Obligation to defend your Creator and His gifts to you.

You must break their rules.

Or you will remain upon your knees, licking the hands that feed you.

That is not a life worth living.



  1. Very good post.

    The tricky part is while you are learning your new "mindset" it is easy to fall into it and then put yourself in a bad spot before things go "sporty". Don't ask me how I know. ;-)...remember BonnieGadsden's Counting Coup Challenge about a year, year and a half ago?

    There's a time and a place for everything, you have to use your little grey cells to discern when such a time and place appear and use it to your advantage. It also helps if you can, to take a phrase from some corny old spy series, "be a chameleon".

  2. Thanks this is a well written and very true point. We need to stand up and gain our Rightful Liberties back.
    We all need to realize what our rights are and train to make the moves to regain them

  3. Sam, thank you for your explanation. Now I think I understand a little better what is happening in our police forces across America. They hire only those of low IQ and then just before they are sent out for thug duty, they are ramped up, switched on and unleashed on innocent citizens.

    A discernment it you please. We need to understand the difference between committing a crime undetected and committing a crime with an "I don't give a sh_t if they come for me or not" attitude. One will likely get you killed.

    1. Absolutely - malum prohibitum only, never a malum in se, and never make a habit of getting caught.

  4. Actually the military puts you on a plane out of Afghanistan and maybe 2 days later purely dependent on how long you wait on the plane then as soon as the plane lands you go home.

    1. I figured the process had eroded some since my time - but from combat to home in just a few days? And they wonder why so many vets have problems adjusting. And I bet they did it in budget cuts.

    2. Partly budget cuts, partly just to get them back so they won't be as noticeable or to let them get out and "let the VA deal with them".

    3. Sam, I redeployed back in 07 from Iraq, 65% of my entire battalion returned to Volk Army Air Field at 0730 Sunday Morning. By Tuesday morning my entire battalion was back at Ft. McCoy and fully demobed by 1830 formation the next Wednesday evening.
      The entire battalion departed Ft. McCoy the night after and we were all back to our Armories and dismissed from duty(Title X orders) the following Saturday morning.

  5. ;-) Lol, no, I realized the error of my ways before I ran afoul. It was sobering for a couple of moments though.

    1. It's an interesting adrenaline rush when you step a toe (or leg) over the line, huh?

  6. Well, uh, I plead the fifth....but I will say there is that song "You're Not The Boss of Me" that seems to be an ear worm in my head.

    Uh oh, now that I said that, I guess instead of the fifth, I'll have to plead a "Lois Learner." Bawahaha!

  7. Glad you put up the second picture, I was getting vertigo looking at the first. ;)

    tachi :)

  8. Kerodin,


    A very thought provoking post. I may have to copy this one to digest further.
    Now I may have to 'dump' all the programming I had since grade school on silly stuff like "Good Citizenship'

  9. the Apostle Peter put it thus: "Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men." Acts 5:29.

    In their case, it was to follow the God-given mandate to preach the Gospel. In our case, we have a duty to uphold and defend what is recognized as God-given - meaning Rightful Liberty. And yes, Rightful Liberty is as fundamental an issue of true religion as is preaching the Gospel. Review the the current issue in Houston and the 5 pastors singled out for prosecution and persecution for their stand on the "bathroom bill" and homosexuality in general.

    A "good citizen" not only says NO to tyranny and the thugs who try to enforce it - across all aspects of our society with religion being but one - but engages in actions against it as well.

    1. You mean "citizen" doesn't mean "obey"? Aw darn, and all this time...

  10. Once I learned the difference between ethical and legal, I was free. In fact, often one has to break the law to do the ethical thing. Sometimes it's as small as feeding the homeless where it's been outlawed.

    1. Six, and everyone else, hope you won't object to my comment, but I consider this an important distinction. Ethical is the same as Lawful, which is not the same as legal. Aside from how Phil recently detailed how it's near impossible to not break any laws in this "modern society", so many people live in the legal frame of mind rather than the Lawful frame of mind, trying to get them to change their views would be a lost effort for 7 out of 10 people.

  11. We should do well to remember the words of the Comanche chief Ten Bears... "...these things you say we will have we already have. But there are things that you have said to me which I do not like. They were not sweet like sugar, but bitter like gourds. You have said that you want to put us on a reservation, to build us houses and to make us medicine lodges. I do not want them. I was born under the prairie, where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no walls and everything drew free breath. I want to die there, not within walls." ...s f

  12. I linked to this piece because I think you truly knocked one out of the park with these thoughts.
    After the money quote, the last few lines of your piece above I added a few of my own. Here is one;

    Never before has been being called an Outlaw been more of a badge of honor when it comes to stomping out tyranny.

    Be smart about it, you don't just run out and be stupid, they will cut you down before you know what happened.


    BTW, that link goes to a brand new Blog I just started to express my support of the III%.

    Thanks Sam.

    In Liberty,

    There is an art to being an Outlaw, there is a certain nuance true Outlaws are born with.
    Knowing what they can get away with and when.
    It's not something easily articulated.
    It is, however, easily recognized in others, especially if you are one blessed with the Outlaw gene.

    You can still be an Outlaw and have a strict code of ethics, the law breaking is aimed at those who artificially restrict your liberty and not the population in general.

  13. >>>Or you will remain upon your knees, licking the hands that feed you.

    That is not a life worth living.<<<

    Nice. That covers the ethics handily. This is what it can look like...


  14. Crossed the communistic state of NY line while dealing with a client in north central PA and carried my trusty 1911 and go bag. Scene from "Sin City" played over and over and over in my head.

    If you haven't watched Sin City with the "good cop, 1911" scene, then you don't truly know me.

    In Liberty,


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