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Sunday, October 26, 2014

When the premise is flawed, all that follows is flawed...

If you’ve ever tried to board a plane, cash a check or rent a car, you’ve almost surely had to show some form of identification with your picture on it. For most people, that takes the form of a driver’s license, but there are other forms of photo ID. Millions of Americans produce them every day to do dozens of everyday tasks and think nothing of it.

Why should it be any different when we vote?

The above is from a piece written over at Doug Ross' site by Ed Feulner.

Whatever your position on voting, here is the problem with Mr. Feulner's argument - the premise is flawed.

Look at his very first sentence.  Does anyone reading this blog believe the State has the authority to determine whether or not you may board a plane, cash a check or rent a car without ID?  Just because "...millions of Americans produce [ID] every day to do dozens of everyday tasks..." doesn't mean it is proper or just.  It simply means millions of Americans are willing to permit the State to meddle in nearly every aspect of their lives.

Read the post below this one - Rightful Liberty: Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock.  It ties directly into this line of thought.

When I first began writing online I challenged every reader to do a simple thing: Examine the premise.  On everything.  Take a cold, hard look at everything you do, and explore why you do it, through the lens of Rightful Liberty, and see if you are following a flawed premise.

Either you own you - or you permit others to own you.  Your choice.



  1. Not everyone is suppose to be able to vote in a Republic anyway, not the way ours was set up certainly. So the flawed premise goes much further than just presenting ID. The ID issue is just an attempt to rectify the problem created when they attempt to turn a Republic into a Democracy. Land owners from the very start had to prove they were in fact land owners if they were not already known by sight.

  2. It takes a special kinda stupid to think voting will correct what is wrong with this City,County,State and federal fuckfest.

  3. Mark Twain said "If voting made any difference, they wouldn't allow us to do it. " This nonsense did not develop overnight, nor is it 'new'. And there is a reason why intelligent men, who were Patriots and statesmen (as opposed to today's political hacks and whores) wrote the founding documents of this country in the clear and direct way they did. And then added the many quotes we have had passed down over the years regarding Liberty.
    And we will still 'vote' our way out of this, but ballots shall be cast in a different manner than usual, using 'voting machines' different from those used in polling places of late. s f

  4. Vote for what? The political process is long dead in this country.


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