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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Silly Congresssional Twit using words for effect - she thinks she's slick - "Martial Law"

Congressman Sheila Jackson Lee used the phrase "Martial Law" from the floor of the House.  She was referring to a legislative procedural maneuver, but make no mistake - the choice of words was designed to elicit a response for the more common understanding of "Martial Law".

These people think they are the smartest people in any room.

These people are not afraid of economic collapse - they want economic collapse - because they have convinced themselves they can control the crash and be in power at the end of the game.  The hubris is staggering.  The miscalculation of historic proportion.

But, ok - we've had stupid people do stupid things before, and I believe in Darwin.  It will work itself out.

As to the Congressman's use of the words "Martial Law" as bait?

Careful, dummy.  I know how Roget's and Webster's define "Martial Law".  I know how dictators and Police States define "Martial Law".

But the average American who has a deeply embedded streak of Fuck You in our DNA define it thus:  Martial Law - Occurs when stupid politicians, bureaucrats and Useful Idiots push one step too far and Americans get all Martial on their arses.

But I am not going to work too hard to thwart Ms. Lee and her ilk.  This is the moment to heed Napoleon: When your enemy is making a mistake, STFU.


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  1. In this case specially, I would consider the source.
    Ms. Lee makes a box of rusty hammers seem to have an above average I.Q. .


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