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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Analysis: 'Gestapo' tactics meet senior citizens at Yellowstone

Make posters and place conspicuously in the hands of every .Gov employee you meet.

So, you have all read about the "Gestapo" story at Yellowstone, and similar stories from elsewhere.  You have read that Rangers in DC were ordered to "...make it difficult..." on citizens, especially businesses.  You have all seen the reports that the Administration wants the default debate and tensions to ratchet higher.

First order of business: Does anyone still wonder if .Gov employees with badges and guns would actually "...just follow orders..." and violate their oaths?  Have we heard of even one single incident where a LEO enforced his Oath and either arrested a fellow officer, shot a fellow officer who was in the commission of the crime of violating that oath, or even resigned because of the orders being given?

Nope.  All we have done is to confirm what many of us have known from the beginning - they will turn the muzzles of their weapons on defenseless Americans.  Period.  Full stop.  If you are still wearing a badge and gun, you have chosen your side.  We know it, no matter what words are coming out of your mouth.  The only LEO I do not categorically include: Some Sheriff offices.

Second order of business: It is going to happen.  Somewhere.  Sometime.  On a bus being forced out of Yellowstone, maybe.  At an unexpected TSA checkpoint in a Florida bus station, maybe.  At a Veteran's Memorial in DC with armed guards (.Gov badges), where LEO uses the threat of arrest, violence and the muzzle of their weapons to enforce that WWII Vets may not set their eyes upon a memorial in the country they helped to defend.

Someone is going to get fed-up and pull a snubby .38 and simply put an end to a bully's life.

That is what the Enemies of Liberty want.  That is the bait they are setting, right now.  That is the jaw they are presenting, begging someone, somewhere, to "Hit me, just hit me!".

Someone will do it, somewhere, sometime soon.  There are hundreds-of-millions of people in this country - wanna play the odds that it won't happen?  It may not even be a real player for Team Freedom - but some OpFor guy wearing a Tea Party hat and a GOP t-shirt who gets caught on film, but manages to escape arrest (or is executed on-site)...

And that will be the true beginning of the North American Liberty Games, Episode III.

That will be our modern Boston Massacre.

That is the excuse the Enemies of Liberty want.

Give it to them?  Choose not to take the bait?  Meh.  Some things are beyond our control.

But when it happens, you'd better ratchet-up.  They'll be coming for you.  Whether you are on the A list or D list, some .Gov bureaucrat already has your name on a list for proper solutioning.  You've already been assigned a number, like freight.  Your path is already in a computer, somewhere - it may include a warehouse facility (read prison/camp) or simply a disposal lot number (read burial site location).

I have been through that system, folks.  I know how it works.  Any of you who have ever "cycled-out" of .mil have seen parts of it in play as well.

That is what bureaucrats do.  They execute the machinery of .Gov.

Bet on it.


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  1. I hope like hell my number is 1. I always strive to be #1. Don't disappoint me, Mr federal official.
    Come and get me.


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